Alumnae Council: Scholarship Information

The University of Michigan Alumnae Council (UMAC) and its member clubs’ primary work involves raising money for scholarships. Each year hundreds of thousands of dollars are awarded to deserving students through alumnae-endowed scholarships. A list of these scholarships appears below. More information about each scholarship’s history and award detail can be found here, under available scholarships. You may also download our booklet The Alumnae Council: Women of Vision for Michigan(PDF).

University of Michigan Alumnae Council Scholarship 2023-2024

University of Michigan Alumnae Council (UMAC) supports scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students through endowed funds established in honor of alumnae and alumni, U-M club fundraising events, bequests, and annual gifts from individuals. Each year, the University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid and the Alumnae Council Selection Committee review the submitted essays and select the students who best meet the scholarship’s eligibility criteria. The amount of the scholarship varies, depending on available funding. The application filing deadline for UMAC scholarships has now passed.

UMAC scholarships require a separate application. Students interested in applying can fill out the form here, or on the Office of Financial Aid site. Look for “Step 4: Review Awarding Criteria and Apply for these Scholarships” on the page and then to “Scholarships requiring a separate application.” Next, scroll down to “Alumnae Council scholarships” and fill in the required information.

For more information contact the University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid Scholarship Unit at (734) 763-6600.


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