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Students outside an Alumni Association tent at the University of Michigan

We enrich the University of Michigan’s impact by serving as an independent gateway for alums of all identities, backgrounds, and experiences – across the globe and in our neighborhoods – in order to create and deepen belonging to the Michigan Family, the Leaders and Best.

As a committed partner and supporter of the University, the Alumni Association offers programs of relevance and service to alumni. Learn more about our programs:

Alumni Career Program

We’ve been rethinking our approach to career-building with more relevant and engaging resources to help you succeed. From monthly virtual webinars to our preferred career coaches, you can find new ways to move ahead at every stage of your career.

Alumni Communities

Looking to connect and reconnect with fellow Wolverines? The Wolverine Forum is the place for alumni to gather. You can join and start discussions around what matters most to you, and this is where you’ll find the long-awaited Alumni Directory. You can also connect locally with our alumni clubs across the United States and the globe.

Alumni Education

From our Alumni Education Gateway to Faculty Forums to educational-based events on campus and beyond, we are all about giving alumni access to resources to continue that great Michigan education.

Alumni Travel

With Michigan Alumni Travel, you can cross a few of those long-standing destinations off your bucket list by traveling in style with fellow Wolverines — just enjoy the fun and leave the logistics to us.

Alumni Volunteer

Alumni Volunteer is a platform for volunteer opportunities offered through the University, from academic schools and colleges to non-academic units across campuses.


From Bowl Tours to Big House Tours to game-watch parties, we’ve got your ticket. And don’t forget our MVP, the Alumni Territory Homecoming Tailgate. This is the place to be to get in on all of the athletic action.

LEAD Scholars Program

The LEAD Scholars program helps to create a more diverse campus by awarding merit-based scholarships to accepted, underrepresented students. For many, this is how the dream of attending Michigan becomes a reality.


Now is the time to secure your place as a member and start taking advantage of all we have to offer. The programs listed on this page are made possible by Alumni Association members.

Michigan Alum Magazine

The Alumni Association publishes Michigan Alum magazine in February, June, and October each year as a benefit to members.


Be part of the magic of Camp Michigania, where you and your family will enjoy all Walloon Lake has to offer. Has summer come and gone? There’s always fall and winter programs at Camp to enjoy, too.

Student Programs

We’re here to help future alumni reach their fullest potential with our LEAD Scholars program and regional club scholarships. And don’t forget free bagels at Welcome Wednesdays and free blue books throughout the school year.

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