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A New Generation of Membership

When you become a Wolverine, you become a part of an entire generation of its own: Gen Blue. A Student Life Membership connects every Wolverine with the people, the resources, and opportunities they need to take their Michigan experience to the next level. Forever.

One-Time Payment
for 4 years

Benefits at Your Fingertips

There’s no reason to wait. When you join as a Student Life Member, your benefits start that very minute. Even after you graduate, you’re a member for life. You carry these benefits wherever you go, and they’re there whenever you need them.

Three words:
free U-M swag.
Need we say more?
Access to Alumni Center’s member lounge & study space.
Special events. Every semester. Just for Student Life Members.
Interact with alumni across the world, no matter where you are.
Love special discounts and offers? Go Blue Rewards has dozens.
Exclusive access to all Alumni Association programs... for life.

There’s More Waiting For You

Student Life Membership benefits are more than just perks. Whether it’s finding a mentor, building your career, a trip of a lifetime, or your favorite sports experiences, there’s always a resource for you — on campus, through your college career, and for the rest of your life.

The Alumni Career Program provides easy access to relevant resources, including career guides, career coaches, and networking, to find your first job and for every stage of your career after.
Domestic and international U-M clubs engage alumni around the world. Whether it’s volunteering, social gatherings, networking events, or watch parties on game days, you can surround yourself with fellow Wolverines all over the globe.
Alumni Online Communities connects you with fellow Wolverines for conversation, advice, networking, and groups around whatever interests you. Between the Wolverine Forum and Alumni Directory, the possibilities are endless.
Get behind-the-scenes access to the Big House, travel in style on bowl tours, and take part in the biggest Homecoming Tailgate on campus as part of our athletics programs.
Camp Michigania is more than a destination -- it’s where students and alumni connect and keep traditions alive on the shores of Walloon Lake. Spend a week sailing, horseback riding, or staring up at the stars beside a crackling campfire.
See the world like never before with your fellow Wolverines. Michigan Alumni Travel offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences as part of its more than 80 trips to destinations around the world.
The Alumni Education Gateway is your source for news, podcasts, videos, and expertise from across all of the schools, colleges, and units at the University of Michigan.
Wherever You Go, You Are Always Connected
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer installments, or do I need to pay in full?
If you pay in full, you will pay the lowest-possible price. Annual installments are also available. A credit card is required for the installments option.

What do my membership dollars support?
Membership helps support the success and longevity of our alumni programming. This includes, but is not limited to, educational resources, career services, regional and local clubs, networking opportunities through our travel program and Online Communities, Camp Michigania, and more.