Pan-Asia Alumni Reunion:
May 2024

The Pan-Asia Alumni Reunion returns to Taipei next May.

Pan-Asia Alumni Reunion: May 2024

The Pan-Asia Alumni Reunion returns to Taipei next May.

About the Pan-Asia Alumni Reunion

Pan-Asia is an annual event open to all U-M alumni, family, and friends. Guests generally attend to connect with each other, renew friendships, and reignite the Michigan spirit while learning how to engage more deeply with U-M. Started by a small group of alumni in Singapore who simply wanted to remain connected to each other, the gathering has turned into a major U-M event that celebrates our alumni and donors in the region.

Previous events have been held in Singapore (2010, 2015, and 2023), Shanghai (2011 and 2017), Seoul (2012 and 2018), Taipei (2013), Hong Kong (2014 and 2019), and Tokyo (2016).

U-M Pan-Asia Alumni Scholarship

The U-M Pan-Asia Alumni Scholarship provides important financial aid in support of outstanding undergraduate students from across Asia attending U-M. Established by our Hong Kong alumni in 2014 to honor the Pan-Asia Alumni Reunion, this scholarship unites the Michigan family around Asia, deepens connections to U-M, and builds esprit de corps. Each year, alumni and friends in Asia and around the globe contribute to the U-M Pan-Asia Alumni Scholarship in celebration of each other and future generations of students. To date, over $250,000 has been raised from more than 500 gifts and pledges.

Past Recipients

2021 – Hieu Dinh Nguyen
2021 – Sabian Narayan Atmadja, Jakarta
2021 – Bao Ngo Gia Vo, Vietnam
2020 – Bao Ngo Gia Vo, Vietnam
2020 – Harry Nguyen, Vietnam
2019 – Bao Ngo Gia Vo, Vietnam
2019 – Yi Lin Sim, Malaysia
2018 – Bach Nguyen, ’22, Vietnam
2017 – Abrar Iqbal, ’21, Bangladesh
2016 – Ivory Yang Sijie, ’20, Singapore
2015 – Pricilla Mukudan, ’19, Malaysia

“With the continuous support of U-M alumni in Asia, the fund will evolve into a tradition, providing the benefits of the U-M experience to more students from the region.”
–Richard Yang, JD’99

“I was supported by many warm hearts for me to be going to Michigan. I believe it is now my turn to return the favor to the future Leaders and Best. Join me!”
–Makoto Ariga, MBA’93

“The Pan-Asia Reunion is something that we all look forward to every year, and we remember how Michigan has changed our lives. This feeling is something we want to pay forward by contributing to the Pan-Asia Scholarship fund. We hope to be able to help deserving students to realize their dream, the dream that we’ve lived and the one they aspire towards. This is truly the heart of the scholarship.”
–Choon Peng Ng, MBA’04

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Converse with each other about who is going and past experiences in the Michigan Pan-Asia Alumni Reunion Facebook group.

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If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Photos From the 2023 Pan-Asia Alumni Reunion

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