Alumnae Council: Contacts

Executive Committee

Chair – Betty (Elizabeth) Bishop (Ann Arbor-Sink), AB ’72, LS&A
Vice-Chair – Diane Hummel (Grand Rapids Federation), MILS ’92 Rackham
Recording Secretary – Feriel Presswwalla (unaffiliated), BS 2015, LS&A
Corresponding Secretary – Marian Molly Magoon (Boston, unaffiliated), AB ’80, LS&A
Treasurer – Roberta Zald (unaffiliated), BS ’78, Mech. Eng., (SM MIT)
Nominating Chair – Sondra Loucks Wilson (Grand Rapids Federation), BA ’83, LS&A

Governing Board Members Elected at Large

Emily Anderson, BA 2011, Psychology (Flint)
Jocelyn Bennett (Detroit – DAUMW)
Nancy Breithart (Birmingham)
Anna Marie Ferguson (Detroit – DAUMW)
Honorable Sheila Ann Gibson (Detroit – DAUMW)
Adele Karas (Flint)
Dana C. Moore, MA ’98, Education (unaffiliated)
Linda Moragne (Detroit – DAUMW)
Julie Nemeth (Flint)
Cerise Rustin Tounsel, MA ’75, Education (Detroit – DAUMW)
Linda Severin (unaffiliated)
Wendy Urquhart (Ann Arbor – Waterman)
Judy Waterston (unaffilated)
Penny Wilcox (Birmingham)
JoLynn Williams (Detroit – DAUMW)

Representatives to the Michigan League Board of Governors

Ann Moln (Ann Arbor – Waterman)
Lois McEntyre (Detroit – DAUMW)
Barbara Balbach (Ann Arbor – Waterman)

Representatives to the Henderson House Board of Governors

Chair – Helen Hill (unaffiliated)
Vice-Chair – Persis Sopariwala (unaffiliated)
Secretary – Feriel Presswalla (unaffiliated)
Treasurer – Roberta Zald (unaffiliated)
Board member – Linda Severin (unaffiliated)
Board member – Peg Carter (unaffiliated)
Board member – Nikki Briggs
House President – Briana Howard
Resident Director – Andrea Valenzuela


Sheryl Szady, Consultant
Barbara Pitts, Parliamentarian
Helen Hill, Chair, Henderson House

Alumnae Club Information

There are currently eight alumnae clubs in Michigan. If you live outside the state or are in a region that’s not represented, you can still be a member of the Alumnae Council. For more information about the Alumnae Council, email Julie at [email protected].

• Ann Arbor–Sink Group – President, Elizabeth (Betty) Bishop
• Ann Arbor-Waterman Group – President, Ann Moln; Membership Chair, Bonnie Reece
• Birmingham – President, Christine Lynn
• Detroit Association of University of Michigan Women (DAUMW) – President, Lois McEntyre; Membership Chair, Cerise Tounsel
• Flint – President, Adele Karas
• Grand Rapids Federation – President, Jocelyn Dettloff
• Lansing – President, Traceen Pasteur
• Saginaw – President, Teresa Borowski

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