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Alumnae Council: Spirit of 1917 Annual Campaign

University of Michigan Alumnae Council’s Spirit of 1917 Annual Campaign

Since its formation in 1917, the University of Michigan Alumnae Council (UMAC) has made significant financial contributions to the University community. From 1961 to 2020 this fundraising effort was named the “Birthday Greeting.” In 2021, honoring the women who formed the Alumnae Council, UMAC renamed its fundraising campaign, “The Spirit of 1917 Annual Campaign.” The focus remains the same: supporting programs that positively advance the interests of women in the University of Michigan community.

Over the years, UMAC fundraising efforts have resulted in the building of the Michigan League at a time when women were not welcome at the Michigan Union; establishing affordable cooperative housing for women with the creation of Henderson House; spear-heading the financing of the Center for the Education of Women (CEW) to support non-traditional students; and helping fund the building of the Education Center at Camp Michigania.

In addition, UMAC continues to fund student scholarships; health and wellness programs; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives; and arts and culture projects on all three University campuses.

Follow this link for a full list of UMAC beneficiaries from the combined Birthday Greeting and Spirit of 1917 annual fundraising campaigns.

2022-2023 Spirit of 1917 Annual Campaign Beneficiary


In order to meet the needs of 21st-century female students and alumnae, the Alumnae Council seeks to develop new programs and enhance those that already exist.  It is also working to strengthen and expand its network across the world, both virtually and in person.

Equally important is its ability to honor and celebrate women’s empowerment and achievements. In a collegiate setting, young women are working towards finding their individual purpose as they gain the confidence and skills necessary to stand up for themselves and others.  In the past, the Alumnae Council’s Alumna-in-Residence program provided an opportunity for U-M alumnae to return to their alma mater and inspire and empower women students, helping them find their individual and collective purposes. The Alumnae Council is working to revitalize this program designed to bring distinguished professional women to campus to meet with and teach current students.

Honoring nationally and internationally acclaimed U-M women for their scholarly and humanitarian contributions through the Athena Award program is yet another way the Alumnae Council supports and cultivates women’s leadership and service.

Enhancing its established programs and launching new ones in support of the women of the University of Michigan community requires funding.

Thus, the Alumnae Council Programming Fund has been selected as this year’s Spirit of 1917 Annual Campaign beneficiary. Please consider making a gift of $105 (a dollar for each year the Alumnae Council has existed) to the Alumnae Council Programming Fund during the 2022-23 Spirit of 1917 Annual Campaign today.

Your investment at this or any level will allow the Alumnae Council to continue giving back to the U-M community in support of programs and activities focused on women’s needs and interests.

Thank you and GO BLUE!


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