Frequently Asked Questions

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Application and Registration

What will I need before I begin the application?

Primary campers need their Login ID and password to access the application. For all children, you will need their birthdates and the grade they will be entering in the fall. In addition, please provide the Alumni / Membership ID for all adults who have one to help us correctly match campers with their membership status.

Visit the Application Guidelines page to learn more. We hope to see you at Camp!

If my friends or guests did not attend the University of Michigan, can they still attend Camp Michigania?

Yes, everyone is welcome at Camp Michigania. Adult friends and guests attending must be registered as a “Family, Friends and Fans” member of the Alumni Association.  Friends and family that are not Alumni can apply after the lottery closes on January 15th . The primary camper will need to purchase a membership to apply and if they receive a confirmed reservation, all adults not attending college will also need a membership.

If I did not graduate from the University of Michigan, can I still attend Camp Michigania?

Yes! The only requirement to attend camp is that you have an Alumni Association membership. Your application will be considered after the initial lottery process is complete. Please see the Registration Guidelines for detailed information.

Do all the members of my party need to be Alumni Association members prior to application?

No. The host camper must have a current Alumni Association membership to apply. Other campers on the registration may join the Alumni Association after the application is confirmed or it may be added to your invoice.

When is the lottery period?

Applications will be available online beginning Dec. 15 or the last weekday before Dec. 15. All lottery-eligible applications received on or before Jan. 15 or the first weekday after Jan. 15 will receive equal consideration. Non-lottery applications submitted prior to April 1 will have equal consideration during a secondary selection process.

When will I be notified if my application was selected during the lottery?

Lottery results will be emailed by the end of February. You will receive a confirmation or waitlist email. If you receive a waitlist notification, your options will be included along with the status of all weeks.

What size unit do I qualify for?

At Michigania-Walloon, one-bedroom units have one queen bed, with space for a crib or additional twin bed, if needed. Families with one child under 2 may be asked to share a 1 bedroom unit. There may be circumstances where we ask parent(s) with one small child (under 3 years old) to share a one-bedroom unit.

Two-bedroom units have one queen and two sets of twin bunks. Spouses and domestic partners cannot split up and request separate units. Children must be on their parent’s application. You must log in as a different user and submit a separate application with a paid deposit for each unit that you are requesting. Each application needs a lottery-qualified applicant to participate in the lottery.

How can I increase my chances of attending this summer?

An alumnus or alumna with an active membership who submits the application during the lottery period (Dec. 15 – Jan. 15) has the best chance of getting into camp. The demand for each week can vary from year to year; however, over time Michigania staff have found that Week 11 typically has smaller waitlists.

We have a group of people who camp together. How do we submit our application?

If you would like to apply with other families, please begin by reviewing the application guidelines for group applications. After reviewing the guidelines:

  • Choose one family in your group to begin the application process.
  • The chosen family needs to submit their application as “select- Group” under “Application Type.” For the first family, this will generate an email that will be sent to the primary email address listed in your alumni profile (the account you logged in with to access the application) that will contain the group ID # for your group.
  • Provide the group ID # to the other families in your group before they apply.
  • Each additional family needs to apply as “Group-Additional family” under “Application Type” and enter the group ID # where indicated.
  • On all applications, you must list the other group member family name(s) in the box “Other families in Group.” Only the primary applicant’s name needs to be listed in the box, not each individual family member attending.
  • Groups may not be larger than one cabin unless all members of the group are part of an extended family.
  • All applications in the group must apply for the exact same weeks.

Does signing up as a group affect my chance of getting in?

Group applications are treated equally during the lottery process as long as each family submitting an application in the group has a qualified application. The size of the group does not matter in the lottery process but the group must all fit in one cabin or all members must be immediate family (Parents, children, and grandchildren). If one application in the group does not have priority then all applications in the group will have no priority status. Keep in mind, group applications will either all be accepted together or all be waitlisted. Think of it like sharing a lottery ticket. If you want to attend camp regardless if other members of the group are wait-listed, you should apply individually.

What if one family in my group does not qualify for the lottery consideration (12/15-1/16)?

All families in a group application must have lottery-eligible memberships, otherwise the group will not be considered until the secondary (post-lottery) selection process.

How does signing up as a group affect my housing?

Each family that has submitted their own application within the group will receive a separate unit within the same cabin unless specified otherwise.

When are final payments due?

Final payments are due May 15. You can review and pay your bill online. If you would like to send a check, please mail to:

Camp Michigania
03006 Camp Sherwood Rd
Boyne City, MI 49712

How do I change information on my application after it has been submitted?

Please e-mail with your changes (preferred), or call 231-582-9191.

Is everything included in the price? What do we pay extra for?

Lodging, food, and activities are included in the price. Certain program areas charge for consumable materials or special events, such as Horseback Riding, Riflery, Nature, Ceramics/Arts and Crafts, and the Camp Store. Charges incurred in the above-mentioned program areas are added to your Michigania account and are payable at Friday night checkout. Private lessons are available for many program areas. Private babysitting is also available. Both must be arranged with a staff member and paid at the time of service.

How many people are admitted to each week?

Depending on family sizes, typically each week accommodates 105 families totaling approximately 430 people per week. Each summer approximately 5000 people attend Michigania!

What weeks are the easiest to get in to?

Weeks 1 and 11 typically have the shortest waitlists after the lottery period.

Do you offer Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is available for your trip. You have 21 days from this confirmation to purchase Plus or Elite in order to have coverage for preexisting medical conditions, any other policy can be purchased until the day before departure. We encourage you to visit Travel Insurance Services (TIS). Please note that decisions regarding reimbursement of costs are determined by TIS, and that Michigania has no ability to influence these decisions.

Michigania Travel Insurance

Additional Insurance Info

What is the minimum age to attend?

For summer camp, all ages are welcome. Fall Colors is for adults only, age 18 and over. Winter camps require all participants to be age 5 and over.

Can I use credit cards for final payment?

Yes, credit cards can be used for final payment of camp fees (due May 15). Credit cards are also accepted at Friday night checkout for any miscellaneous expenses incurred during camp.

About Camp

What is the difference between north and south camp?

North Camp and South Camp accommodations are equivalent.

Is Camp Michigania handicap accessible?

Yes, Camp Michigania has handicap accessible cabins available for campers. Also, a limited number of golf carts are available for campers who have difficulty walking since the camp has many hills and dirt roads. Golf carts can be rented for $100 per week. We ask that golf carts are reserved for those individuals with mobility challenges.

What is Michigania’s Guest Policy?

Camp Michigania allows guests who are either visiting friends who are currently camping or have been approved to be on site by the Camp Administration. All guests will be required to wear guest wristbands and must check in at the office prior to proceeding onto camp property. If the guest is participating in activities or eating meals at camp, the guest must either pay for those items in the camp office or the camp store or add them on to the account of the camper they are visiting.

Any individual who does not adhere to this will be asked to leave camp property.

Are pets allowed?

With the exception of service dogs, we simply don’t allow pets at Michigania. Please contact camp prior to bringing a service dog so we can make proper arrangements.


What are the cabin layouts?

Cabins have either 3 or 4 sleeping units, a common room, and a porch with chairs for relaxing. A 3-unit cabin will have each unit equipped with a queen bed, bathroom, and 2 sets of bunk beds. A 4-unit cabin will have 2 units as described above, and the other 2 units each have one queen size bed and individual bathroom. Several families will share one cabin. Cabin layout examples can be found here (PDF). There are 3 cabins, that have slightly different layouts. The log cabin and rumbleshack have large 1 bedroom units, with a queen and a set of bunk beds, and the lake cottage has a large 2 bedroom unit (3 sets of bunks instead of 2), and a small 2 bedroom unit (1 set of bunks instead of 2).

Does each unit have its own bathroom or are they shared?

Each unit within a cabin will have its own bathroom.

Are the units locked or are there safes for your valuables at camp?

Each unit in a cabin can be locked while the campers attend activities. We recommend leaving valuables at home; however, campers wishing to do so may check valuables at the Michigania office for safekeeping. Items in the safe can be reclaimed any time during regular office hours.

Arriving at camp

Where is camp located?

Camp Michigania is located on Walloon Lake, nestled between Petoskey, Charlevoix and Boyne City in Northern Michigan. Our mailing address is 03006 Camp Sherwood Rd., Boyne City, MI 49712.

How do you get to camp via automobile?

Please refer to our directions page.

What are the closest airports to Camp Michigania?

Cherry Capital Airport (TVC) in Traverse City and Pellston Regional Airport (PLN) in Emmet County both offer commercial flights.

Do you provide transportation to or from the airport?

No, however both airports offer car rental and shuttle services. Here is a link to shuttle services at Cherry Capital Airport, and here is a list of shuttles at Pellston Regional Airport.

When and where do we check-in?

Check-in time at Michigania is 3 PM to 5 PM Saturday. We are set up during that time specifically for the registration process. Please schedule your arrival accordingly, as we are not able to check in campers prior to 3 PM. We have staff in the Ed Center until 9:30 PM for check-in, and if you’ll arrive later than 9:30 PM, please call our office at 231.582.9191 after 3 PM for your cabin assignment. Travel time from Ann Arbor to Michigania is approximately four and one-half hours. Please come right to the Education Center when you arrive.

Planning and Packing for Camp

What is provided?

Michigania provides pillows in the units, and blankets, sheets, and a bath mat at check-in if desired. Laundromats are located in North Camp and South Camp. Each laundry has coin-operated washing machines and dryers. Detergent is provided. Ice machines are located outside North and South Camp Laundromats to fill a personal cooler.

What should we pack?

Informality is the key at Michigania. Be sure to bring clothes for swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and tennis. Bring both heavy and lightweight clothing as Michigan weather cannot always be accurately forecasted. Rain gear could come in handy (though we hope not!). Remember to bring any medication that you may need during your visit. Michigania does NOT provide towels and washcloths.

Michigania has a good supply of equipment for all activities offered. However, you may prefer to bring your own sports equipment including tennis rackets, ball gloves, golf clubs, fishing poles, riding helmets, bikes, and fitness shoes.

We encourage all campers to take advantage of the unique natural environment at Michigania as well as the opportunity to interact with other campers. Therefore, we ask your discretion with electronic devices (such as iPods, hand-held gaming devices, tablets, and cellphones).

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Do you have highchairs, cribs, strollers or playpens?

Highchairs are available for use in the dining hall. Cribs are provided at no cost and are available upon request. The 0-2 programs are equipped with playpens and cribs, but you are encouraged to bring a playpen for use at the beach or in your cabin. We encourage you to bring a stroller with wide tires (baby joggers) for traveling around Camp. There is a limited supply of strollers available for use when the kids programs are closed.

Does the camp have internet access?

Computers and printers are available in the lower level of the Ed Center. Wireless access is available in the Ed Center for adult campers with laptops or tablets for a nominal charge of $10 per family per week. Children under 18 are asked to keep all electronics in their cabin. Cell phone reception can be inconsistent. There is no Wi-Fi in the cabins.


What is there to do at camp?

Summer camp offers arts and crafts, boating, ceramics, field sports, archery, horseback riding, tennis, fitness, riflery, ropes courses, scrapbooking, swimming, and nature activities.

Fall Colors offers arts and crafts, ceramics, pontoon boat rides, horseback riding, tennis, fitness, and nature activities.

Winter camp offers arts and crafts, ceramics, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, yoga, nature hikes and other holiday activities.

What is there to do off camp?

We think you will find most of what you need here at Camp Michigania. If you are looking to take a day to explore the area, Boyne City, Petoskey and Charlevoix are all nearby. Northern Michigan abounds with activities from golf, water sports and local sports. Visit for more information.

Can I bring my boat to camp?

Yes, campers bringing private boats are able to unload their boat beginning at 2 PM, prior to checking in at the Education Center. Depending on size, most boats/jet ski’s can be launched at our boating area.

Can we rent power boats and if so, where?

Michigania does not rent power boats. There are several marinas on Walloon Lake that offer rentals.

What is the book club selection for the upcoming summer?

The Readers and Best book selection for this summer is listed in the Gania Gossip newsletter.

Who are the faculty forum speakers for my week?

Speakers are posted each May on the camper manual page.