Summer Camp

Adirondack chair facing Walloon Lake at Camp Michigania

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through the details of what Camp will look like for summer 2021. 

As we think about camp this summer, it is important to note that we want to meet and exceed your expectations as we always strive to do. No matter how things turn out this year, we are committed to doing everything we can to offer you a safe and meaningful experience. While it won’t be the experience we are used to, the Michigania magic will be present.

Camp Michigania Summer 2021 Update

It is important to remember that we are still in the midst of this pandemic, and while we have shared a number of things below that we are planning to do this summer, it is important to keep in mind that everything is subject to change based on the status of COVID-19, CDC recommendations, and mandates put in place by the State of Michigan. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.  

Last updated July 25, 2021.

2021 Summer Camp Dates

  • Victors Week: June 12–19 (Canceled due to low interest.)
  • Week 1: June 20–26
  • Week 2: June 27–July 3
  • Week 3: July 4–10
  • Week 4: July 11–17
  • Week 5: July 18–24
  • Week 6: July 25–31
  • Week 7: Aug. 1-7
  • Week 8: Aug. 8–14
  • Week 9: Aug. 15–21
  • Week: 10: Aug. 22–28

2021 Summer Camp Rates

We announced on April 14 that as a result of the changes and limitations surrounding camp this summer, we have decided to reduce camp fees by 25% for all campers in 2021.

  • Age 0–6 months (no Kids Camp): $160 $120
  • Age 0–2 years old (with Kids Camp): $455 $341
  • Preschool–1st grade: $690 $518
  • 2nd–7th grade: $860 $645
  • 8th–12th grade: $985 $739
  • Adults: $1,145 $859
Note: A $150 COVID cleaning fee will be added to the primary camper in each unit.

Summer Camp Application

Summer Camp: Dec. 15–Jan. 15 (for lottery), Jan. 16–end of summer (for non-lottery-eligible). For information on lottery eligibility, review our application guidelines page.

Before You Apply

A $300 deposit is required to submit an application.

Children’s pricing for Walloon is based on grade entering fall 2021.

All adults who are not full-time college students will need to have an active membership with the Alumni Association before attending camp. Camp Michigania is an exclusive benefit of the Alumni Association.

Questions? You can contact Camp Staff by phone at 231.582.9191 or email at

General FAQs

Programming FAQs