Summer 2023 Camper Info

We are excited to welcome you to Camp Michigania this summer. As you prepare for your time at camp, take a look at the information below to make sure you are ready to go once you arrive.

Summer 2023 Camper Info

We are excited to welcome you to Camp Michigania this summer. As you prepare for your time at camp, take a look at the information below to make sure you are ready to go once you arrive.

Programming Updates

Our team has been busy working on a great lineup of events, programs, and activities for your time at camp. There is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some highlights for this summer:

  • Weekly programming with a local indigenous educator, Eric Hemenway
  • Nightly family events after dinner
  • A weekly gender-expansive meet-up, a community space for trans, non-binary, and gender-expansive campers and staff
  • Themed programming for Juneteenth and Pride Month 
  • A new and improved camp garden
  • New engagement opportunities at riding, including a photo shoot with your favorite horses, horse popsicle-making, horse-care exploration, and more
  • A weekly presentation with Jerome Rand, a camp staff member who sailed a solo non-stop circumnavigation expedition 
  • The return of Picklefest, a celebration of pickleball and pickles

Those are just some of the highlights to look forward to this summer. Take a look at our sample Blue Book below to get a preview of everything we have in store for you. Campers will receive a final version of their week’s Blue Book via email prior to their arrival at camp.

Camper Guide

To help maximize your time at camp, we have compiled a helpful Camper Guide for you to reference during your stay. This guide describes, in detail, the programs that are available, as well as other important details about your camp experience. We highly recommend that all campers review this guide prior to arriving at Michigania.

Readers & Best

Each summer, our Camps Council picks a book to serve as the focus of a camper-led discussion each week. This summer, they have selected “Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants” by Robin Wall Kimmerer. 

Faculty Forum Lineup

One of the unique experiences offered to campers each week is Faculty Forum. This is your chance to hear from U-M faculty as they lecture on a wide range of topics. Check out our summer 2023 lineup:

Victors Week

  • Libby Hemphill – Associate Professor, Information and ICPSR
  • Joshua Thurman – Associate Director, Michigan Community Scholars Program and Adjunct Lecturer in Curriculum Support

Week 1

  • Anouck Girard – Professor of Robotics
  • Bridgette Carr – Clinical Professor, Law School

Week 2

  • Vivek Sankaran – Director, Child Advocacy Law Clinic, Law School
  • Eve Primus – Yale Kamisar Collegiate Professor of Law, Law School

Week 3

  • Stephanie Preston – Professor of Psychology
  • Deborah Willis – Assistant Vice Provost: Office of the Provost, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Week 4

  • Eric Gilbert – John Derby Evans Associate Professor, School of Information & CSE
  • Barry Fishman – Professor, School of Information & School of Education

Week 5

  • Barbara McQuade – Professor from Practice, Law School
  • Victor Katch – Professor Emeriti, School of Kinesiology

Week 6

  • Melissa Borja – Assistant Professor, Department of American Culture
  • Thomas Finholt – Vice Provost, Office of the Provost, and Professor, School of Information

Week 7

  • Jim Burnstein – Professor, Director of Screenwriting
  • Marcus Collins – Clinical Asst Marketing Professor, Ross School of Business

Week 8

  • Kurt Svoboda – Associate AD, Athletics
  • Melissa Tinney – Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Week 9

  • Michael Traugott – Research Professor Emeritus
  • Pamela Davis-Kean – Professor of Psychology

Week 10

  • Sarah Compton – Research Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Adrienne Beltz – Associate Professor of Psychology

Camps Council Members

The Michigania Camps Council is a volunteer advisory council that provides feedback and recommendations to the Camp Michigania professional staff regarding the Michigania community, programs, and overall camper experience.

  • Victors Week: James Bernstein
  • Week 1: Irene Smith
  • Week 2: Marty Kaye
  • Week 3: Thomas Cislo
  • Week 4: Elisa Whitman
  • Week 5: Mark LoPatin
  • Week 6: Richard McGee
  • Week 7: Jill Bloom
  • Week 8: David Robson
  • Week 9: Aaron Reifler
  • Week 10: Zora Johnson
  • At-Large: Mary Krasny
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