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Tips for Avid Travelers to Stay Sane During Lockdown

Tips for filling your day if you’re an avid traveler.
By Carrie Fediuk


Read time: 2 minutes

A number of days have now passed since the start of sheltering in place to guard against COVID-19. With this comes the challenge to not go a bit stir crazy, especially if you are accustomed to traveling the world with your next getaway already blocked off on the calendar. To help maintain your sanity, try these tips for filling your day:

Take a virtual tour of a museum, national park, art gallery, and more. You can now virtually visit a number of outstanding venues while wearing your pajamas and slippers. Michigan Alumni Travel has curated a number of global destinations you can visit from home.

Pretend you are already there. You can still explore and enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of the country you planned to visit. Cook up a robust Italian pasta dish while sipping Italian wine. And don’t forget the music. Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti can provide the perfect backdrop to your virtual Italian getaway.

Cook and live like a local. I’ve been binge-watching “Chef’s Table” on Netflix. It is a documentary that features the stories and restaurants behind celebrated chefs all over the world. Check out our list of other travel shows you can stream.

Learn a language. Whether you want to learn a few foreign words or master a new language, now’s the time. Online courses and podcasts are available to teach you just about any language. A simple Google search will turn up a number of options.

Read. Passionate travelers love to read. A myriad of books are available online that can teach you about a new country, culture, or cuisine.

Support small businesses. Businesses globally are struggling during this time. Support one of them by making a donation or buying a gift card.

Curate your travel photos. Avid travelers have lots of photos. Spend time going through them and finally create that memorable album or scrapbook.

Get off the beaten path. One of the things I most enjoy while traveling is to get off the beaten path and discover a unique shop or restaurant on a hidden street. On your next walk, take a different path and find things you haven’t seen before.

Hygge your place. Being home for an extended period of time gives you an opportunity to improve your humble abode. Hygge is a Danish and Norweigan word that describes a concept of cozy contentment around embracing small, simple things in life. Now more than ever, it’s the small things that matter.

Plan your next adventure. We know we will overcome this latest challenge and are already looking forward to the day when we can get out and see our beautiful world again. If you need some inspiration, visit our website for a list of great destinations.

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