For the first time, we were pleased to announce two recipients of scholarship assistance from the 2023 Samuel L. Chappell Family UMDC Scholarship!

Mae plans to attend the U-M School of Kinesiology on her way to pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. In Mae’s words, “I am incredibly grateful and humbled to receive the UMDC scholarship. Attending the University of Michigan has been a dream of mine, and this generous support has helped make that dream a reality. With this assistance, I am now able to pursue a degree in Kinesiology and explore my passion for understanding how the brain controls movement and how neurological disruptions affect this process. But what makes this scholarship even more meaningful is that it comes from fellow Wolverines who know what it takes to be successful at UMich. Their belief in my potential and investment in my future is truly inspiring. I am honored to be a part of the UMDC Alumni community and look forward to representing it well.”

Diego plans to study Civil and Materials Engineering. In Diego’s words, “I am forever thankful and honored to the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Greater Washington, D.C., for generously granting me such a scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to be part of a big community. I will be more than just a student; I will join clubs, attend athletic events, participate in ongoing research, and participate in community service. I want to help the growing Latino population in Ann Arbor. However, I do not only want to help those in the Ann Arbor community, but I want to make an impact around the world. There is so much I want to do at the University of Michigan, and I cannot wait to start.”


Kristina will enroll in the College of Engineering to study Biomedical Engineering, where she looks forward to being immersed in a problem-based, experiential learning environment that will give her the skills to develop novel solutions to support the successful recovery from life-altering injuries and maintain her intense commitment to the human side of engineering.

In Kristina’s own words, “This scholarship allows me to join the inclusive, global, and diverse community for which U-M is known. Additionally, I can’t wait to participate, as both a player and spectator, in the many U-M athletic events, where the school spirit is both energizing and palpable. With the 2022 fall semester just two months away, I look forward to calling the vibrant and culturally-rich setting of Ann Arbor home! GO BLUE!”

2021 – SARA CHAE

Sara will enroll in the School of Kinesiology and intends to study Movement Science with a minor in public policy.  In high school, Sara assisted with university research regarding anatomical abnormalities, established a program in her community to provide elementary and middle school students with age-appropriate articles and experiments to foster an interest in STEM, and has been a member of multiple honor societies ang led her church’s youth worship team.  After graduating from Michigan, she intends to attend medical school and aspires to be a pediatrician.

In Sara‘s words, “It is an exceptional honor to be receiving the UMDC scholarship and I am truly thankful to the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Greater Washington, D.C for generously providing me the opportunity to pursue my academic pursuits to my fullest potential. At the University of Michigan, I aspire to be more than a student, but a researcher, educator, and leader. I plan to conduct research while simultaneously engaging with children not only in the Ann Arbor community but around the world, ultimately advocating for healthy lifestyles in the youth. Upon taking advanced-level courses, gaining clinical experiences, and immersing myself in outreach at the U of M, I cannot wait to share such experiences and knowledge with the University of Michigan community as a mentor and fellow peer. I fully believe that the next four years will prepare me for my future endeavors and I am thrilled knowing that the U-M Club of Washington, D.C and the University of Michigan will support me with my ambitions. Go Blue!”


Mara will attend the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, hoping to eventually major in Economics. She spent much of her childhood in Lebanon, learning English as a second language and then tutoring other students in her high school’s ESOL program. She is an excellent addition to the Leaders and Best.

In Marwa’s words, “I am incredibly fortunate to take this opportunity provided by the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Greater Washington, D.C. With this scholarship, I will finally be able to satisfy my academic and intellectual drive at UMich! I cannot wait to further delve into wealth inequality, participate in research, and surround myself with other economics enthusiasts. I am certain that UMich will provide me all the needed resources and opportunities to become an economist, lawyer and ultimately lawmaker.

“Academics aside, if the cold weather proves to be docile, I’ll be sure to drench myself in maize and blue paint at the Big House! At UMich, I will learn as much from my peers as I will from my professors. And I look forward to being a community of students from all across the United States and 92 nations. Go Blue!!”