Board Leadership

Board of Governors

UMDC is led by a Board of Governors who are elected from the general club membership and committee members. The Nominating Committee determines the Board slate for elections which take place during the Annual Meeting in June. The Board works on behalf of the members of the Club. Please also reference the Club Bylaws for additional information.

UMDC’s Board of Governors for the 2024-2025 year:

  • Shamaila Ashraf
  • Jill Borowski
  • Sam Chappell
  • Natasha Dabrowski
  • Rohan Dharan
  • Julia Farber
  • Paige Girson
  • Shawn Kim
  • David Koss
  • Alana Kuhn
  • Lisa Mandel-Trupp
  • Alex Mitchell
  • Danielle Pasekoff
  • Michael Pearson
  • Paul Sherman
  • Dana Simons
  • Angela Washington

Executive Officers

UMDC’s Executive Officers for the 2024-2025 year:

  • President: Natasha Dabrowski
  • Vice President: Shamaila Ashraf
  • Treasurer: Dana Simons
  • Secretary: VACANT

Committee Chairs

The current committee chairs:

  • Alumni Student Recruitment: Sam Chappell & Sherryl Fletcher
  • Communications: Paige Girson & Danielle Pasekoff
  • Community Service: Jeff Wojcik & Scott McConnell
  • Congressional Breakfast: Julia Farber
  • Corporate Sponsorships: Ryan Eaton & Eric Feldman
  • Development: Shawn Kim & Gerrit Rietsema
  • Programming: Paul Sherman & Angela Washington
  • Scholarship:Ramona Cotca & Michael Pearson
  • Sports: Jill Borowski & Rohan Dharan

If you’re interested in volunteering, we’d love to have you! Please email [email protected] for more information.

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