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Member Spotlight: Mr. Gary Brucker

Mr. Gary Brucker



What year did you graduate from U of M and what was your degree?

I graduated with a Law Degree in 2005.

When did you move to San Diego?

I moved to San Diego from Los Angeles to attend UCSD in 1998.  I returned to San Diego after Michigan in 2005.

What’s your favorite activity in the SD area?

San Diego’s amazing restaurant scene, which has been tough as of late.  But I still order a lot of delivery to help support our local businesses.

What have you loved the most about being on the UM Alumni Club board? 

Recapturing the shared Michigan experience that only an alumni truly knows.

What advice do you have for current or future students of U of M?

Remember the big picture.  Yes, it’s far from home, costs a lot of money, and is stupidly cold, but these are all fleeting considerations.  The education you will receive, the unparalleled professional network that you will have, and the memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime far outweigh any short-term perceived drawbacks.

What was your favorite local hangout spot in Ann Arbor when you attended U of M?

Don’t say Ricks, don’t say Ricks, don’t say Ricks.  Uhh, DominRicks.  I mean Dominics.

What’s your game-day routine on Michigan Football Saturdays (in Ann Arbor)?

It depends on the weather.  On a nice day, hiking through the tailgaters on the golf course and borrowing cold beers from strangers.  On a cold day, sleeping in and watching it on TV in my pajamas.

How long have you been active with the UM club of San Diego?

I started on the board back in 2010.  I met Mike Flood at an event and he invited me to attend a board meeting.  I was voted on the board that first meeting and have seen that trick work many times since!  I am currently the board President.

What is your career in San Diego and how has it shifted with the current times?

I practice white collar criminal defense and commercial litigation primarily in Southern California, but also handle matters across the country.  In normal times, I tell people that practicing law is nothing like it appears on television.  It’s mostly reading, writing, and phone calls.  So, in COVID times, not much has changed.  Even with court appearances, in the past many were held telephonically.  Some are now held via Zoom, but I prefer court calls over video calls so I don’t have to wear pants.  The law is better practiced sans pants.

In addition to my legal career, I am also a part-time Grillmaster for the club.

Gary Grillmaster 2015
UM San Diego Alumni Picnic August, 2015


UM San Diego Alumni Picnic August, 2016
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