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U-M Club of San Diego: Presidents Message

Welcome to all “Wolverines in Paradise!”

As President of the University of Michigan Club of San Diego, and on behalf of all the members of the Board of Governors of the club, I welcome you to San Diego.

Our club is one of more than 60 alumni clubs throughout the country.  Michigan alumni share a special bond.   No matter how far we may be from Ann Arbor, there is always a strong connection to our alma mater and its alumni.  The San Diego Club is no exception.

Be Connected

If you have not already done so, we encourage you to follow the link on our home page to be added to our club email list.  Typically, we send emails weekly during the fall and 2-3 emails per month the rest of the time. We also encourage you to join us on Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well as on Instagram.  On our Facebook page, you will find pictures of many of our events.

Get Involved

Our club takes pride in planning a diverse slate of sporting, cultural, community service, and student-related events.  We host game watches for all of the football games, many of the basketball games, and support any of the Wolverine teams when they venture to the San Diego region.  Our future events include wine tasting in Temecula, whale watching, and a trip to Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach.  Every April, we participate in a national alumni community service day and later help staff a Big 10 Water Station for the Rock’n’Roll Marathon.

Become a Member

The UM Club of San Diego is an affiliate of the greater Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.  Although membership is not generally required for most events, we do offer significant discounts on many events and other benefits.  A portion of your membership dues are returned to the club, which allows us to better serve our local alumni.

Support Local Students

Through the generous support of many donors, our local club has an endowment of more than $500,000.00.  With these funds, we provide scholarships to all of the incoming freshmen from the area. Our long-term goal is to provide recurring scholarships that pay for a significant portion of the tuition costs for San Diego students.

Make a Michigan Difference

If you have questions or concerns about our club, please feel free to contact me, or any of the other board members.  Please also contact me if you are interested in organizing an event or becoming active with our board.

You may have left Michigan – but Michigan never leaves you.

Go Blue!

Jimmy Grimes
University of Michigan Club of San Diego

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