Member Spotlight: Ms. Jenn Mehl

Ms. Jenn Mehl

Go Blue

What year did you graduate from U of M?
I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Of your many collegiate accomplishments, you were a varsity athlete at Michigan. What was your sport? 
I was a pole vaulter on the track team from 2004 – 2009.

What was your favorite local hangout spot in Ann Arbor when you attended UofM?
I honestly spent most of my time outside of classes at the track for practice!  In the summers, we spent a lot of time playing sand volleyball at Elbel field.

What brought you to San Diego?
I was recruited out of college for a construction management engineering job that was in Los Angeles.  I lived in Hermosa Beach for about 6 months before getting an opportunity to work on a project in San Diego. I got to manage the construction of 4 projects in San Diego including two 21-story hotels on the waterfront downtown.

How has your career shifted with the current times?
I work for ABB (formerly GE) in electrical distribution sales. I used to work from home a couple of days a week while spending the other days driving around LA and the Inland Empire visiting customers. Nowadays, I am working from home full time.  Luckily, it was a pretty smooth transition for me.

The San Diego lifestyle suits you, because I know nothing keeps you indoors for long. I don’t see how you could pick just one, what are your favorite outdoor activities? 
You’re right! I definitely can’t narrow it down to one since I always love to be outside! In no particular order – roller blading, stand-up paddleboarding, water skiing, hiking, skiing, running, boating, driving my dune buggy, golfing, sand volleyball and boogie boarding.

You do more in an average Sunday, than many of us accomplish all year! Tell us about some of the special projects coming out of your workshop. 
I have learned to work on engines and fix things on my boat and dune buggy (both of which I bought before ever even changing a tire in my life). I watch a lot of YouTube videos to learn things and although these hobbies can be somewhat expensive (things always break), I look at it as continuing education. I just love learning new things! I have renovated a toy hauler and do some woodworking in the spare time that I have. I have built a bed, coffee table, chair and designed some cutting boards.

What adventures are on the horizon for you?
If you know me, you know I am very likely to plan a last minute, spontaneous trip!  With that being said, I am starting to cross all the national parks off my bucket list so you will definitely find me at some of those in the future.  I have my eye on Yellowstone and Glacier for sure!  Aside from that, I will be on the water with my boat, in the sand dunes driving my dune buggy and trying out some new-to-me ski resorts this winter.

Dune Buggy

What has been your favorite camping spot?
That’s a hard question to answer!  I have been to sooo many beautiful places that just take my breath away.  The pictures never do it justice!  Some of my favorites include Lake Tahoe, Catalina, Havasupai Falls and Yosemite.

What’s your favorite Michigan Fall memory?
Football Saturdays at the Big House, of course! But, if you are looking for a unique memory, I attended the Michigan versus Ohio State game as an alumni in 2011.  Now keep in mind that we lost to Ohio State every year I was in school (and yes, I am still bitter about that – haha).  Anyways, we won the game and somehow the entire student section rushed the field without security stopping us!  I very clearly remember being on the field sitting on my friend’s shoulders, wearing my varsity jacket and signing the fight song with everyone!  Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention cider and donuts at the many cider mills in Michigan.  I love cider and donuts and that just goes hand-in-hand with Fall in Michigan!

How will you spend your Michigan Game Watch Saturdays this season?
Well, we just got the news that games are back on so I guess I will still be watching Michigan football!  I am out of town every weekend until October 24th so it worked out for me!

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