U-M Club of San Diego: Job Seeking Tips

Tools and Resources For Wolverines Seeking Jobs and Internships in San Diego

Here is a list of steps you can take prior to contacting The UM Club of San Diego:

1. Take advantage of the career development resources available to members of the UM Alumni Association in Ann Arbor including resume review, a job board, interview prep, career coaching, etc.  For more info click here.  (Note: These services are provided at no cost to members of the UM Alumni Association.)

2. Current Students should take advantage of resume and job-hunting assistance provided by Career Services

3. Identify your top companies of interest.  Monitor the company websites for current openings and apply to ones that sound interesting.  See more info on a book by Steve Dalton to help you create a list of your top 40.

4. Use Indeed.com, a web crawler that pulls job postings from the internet, and set up Email Alerts to be sent to your email when openings appear with your saved search word (like “accounting”, “electrical engineering”, etc.)

5. Set up your LinkedIn Account with a current professional photo and recent employment and professional activities (You can upload most of this info from your resume if you are new to LinkedIn).  The free version is all you will need.

6. Conduct A LinkedIn search of SD UM Alumni.  As of August 2014, over 1,900 San Diego based UM Alumni are searchable by position, industry and company on LinkedIn.  To search San Diego Wolverines on LinkedIn click here: SD UM Alumni on LinkedIn.

7. Contact LinkedIn Alumni to set up Informational Interviews.  Once you’ve identified alumni at each of your targeted organizations, conduct informational interviews to learn everything you can about the organization and/or career path. Send UM alumni a brief email and invite them to join you for a 15-minute phone meeting. (Tip: Need help with how to make the most of an informational interview -check out the 2-Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton.)

8. E-Blast Everyone You Know.  Networks go beyond UM so, send your resume with a cover letter to everyone you know (and everyone your parents know) in San Diego. Tell them what you are looking for and ask that they email you with any leads.

9. Try Out Other Search Tools. There are many job-search sites that specialize in specific locations, industries, job types.  For example anther good internship search tool isChegg, Internships on Chegg, the same outfit that sells and rents textbooks.  Ask UM Career Services or-for members-the UM Alumni Association in Ann Arbor for the best search tools to use.

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