U-M Club of Greater Chicago: Know Your Board

Club Officers

Jennifer DeGeus, President

Degree: Biology, 1995

Hometown: Joliet, Illinois

Career: Lake Forest Pediatrics, Pediatrician

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: I love the camaraderie and connection that Michigan alumni have. There’s this immediate excitement that occurs when you encounter another Michigan alumnus. When I was in medical school, I had a surgeon high five me across the operating table when he found out that I went to Michigan, too!

Phillip Zinda, President-Elect & Scholarship Committee Chair

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration, 2005

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Career: PepsiCo/Gatorade, Brand Management

Favorite Michigan Memory: Any & all sporting events: from beating OSU in 2003 and rushing the field to front row season hockey tickets. And of course time with friends around campus, particularly at Dominick’s & The Brown Jug.

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: Finding friendly alumni faces wherever you go – whether around Chicago or around the world.

Michelle Mirzoian, Vice President

Degree: Political Science, 2002; Masters of Business Administration, 2006

Hometown: Troy, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Chicago: The atmosphere on the streets the second Sunday of October for the Chicago Marathon each year. It just reminds me why I love this city

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: There isn’t an airport I walk through or an international marathon I have run where I don’t have a someone yell out to me “Go Blue!” when wearing my Michigan apparel. The network that you become a part of as an alum spans states, countries and the world. Oh and Saturdays in Ann Arbor in the fall….there is literally nothing like it on the planet

jacob.jpgJacob Molewyk, Secretary

Degree: Civil Engineering, 2018

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Career: SE3 LLC, Staff Engineer

Activities While at U-M: American Society of Civil Engineers, Michigan Transportation Student Organization, New Life Church, Phi Alpha Kappa Christian Fraternity

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: Having access to an alumni network with a large and diverse talent pool, especially in an economically diverse city like Chicago where I can meet Michigan alumni representing almost any industry.

Themistocles Frangos, Treasurer

Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 2005

Hometown: East Lansing, Michigan

Career: Attorney, Solo Practitioner

Favorite Michigan Memories:

(1) The first football football game after September 11, 2001 with a culmination of emotions from the previous 11 days.

(2) As a Michigan Alum: watching Brock Mealer walk across the field at the home opener in 2010 after being giving a 1% chance to walk again.

(3) Bo Schembechler talking to us about Michigan football and life in a dimly lit and haze filled Michigan Stadium my freshman year.

Board of Directors
michael_c_website.jpgMichael Chropowicz, Board Member

Degree: Political Science and Spanish, 2010

Hometown: Jackson, Michigan

Career: Attorney, Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP

Activities While at U-M: Michigan Marching Band

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: The sense of camaraderie among alumni. I love to walk down the street and hear “Go Blue!”

Neil DiMarco, Board Member

Degree: Pharmacy, 2001

Hometown: Troy, Michigan

Career: John H Stroger Hospital

Activities While at U-M: Phi Delta Chi Fraternity, Ultimate Frisbee, Intramural Sports

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: The awesome friends I’ve met and kept over the years.

J Cummings MichiganJason Cummings, Sports & Social Committee Member

Degree: Engineering, 1999

Hometown: Battle Creek, Michigan

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: My favorite part of being an alum in Chicago is the breadth of the Michigan network. Our presence is far reaching and there are plenty of opportunities to find alum with common interests and aspirations. When Michigan alum get together in Chi-Town, it feels like home.

 sydney2.jpegSydney Foy, Board Member

Degree: Communication Studies & Political Science, 2019

Hometown: Wayzata, Minnesota

Career: Numerator, Marketing Operations Associate

Favorite Part of Living in Chicago: Walking to crystal blue Lake Michigan with my dog and watching the sunset over the skyline – there’s nothing like it.

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: The absolute willingness of every alum to help another regardless of connection.

Dustin Tsap, Treasurer

Degree: Industrial and Operations Engineering, 2011

Hometown: Hong Kong

Career: Navigant Consulting, Healthcare Analytics

Activities While at U-M: Michigan Daily (Copy editor), Hong Kong Student Association, and Program in Entrepreneurship

lyndsey.jpegLyndsey Housman, Marketing Committee Co-Chair

Degree: Business Administration, 2016

Hometown: Weston, Florida

Career: IBM, Senior Consultant

Favorite Michigan Memory: Freshmen year NCAA Tournament Finals/March Madness run, 2016 Football Spring game in the Harbaugh box suite, walking in the Diag and around Ann Arbor on a nice fall or spring day, Campus Day singing the fight song for the first time and realizing that Michigan without a doubt was the right choice for me, Ross Global Initiatives study abroad summer in China & Hong Kong, Zingerman’s.

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: The deep bond Michigan creates among its alum anywhere you go!

JH-New_Bio_Photo.jpegJesse Hyde, Networking Committee Co-Chair

Degree: History, 2003

Hometown: Chelsea, Michigan

Career: Lateral Link, Director

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: Michigan is where I made my lifelong closest friends. We have stayed in touch over the years and Michigan sports and other alumni events continually bring us together.

Pamela_Johnson__second_from_right_.jpgPamela Johnson, Board Member

Degree: Communications and Journalism, 1974

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Michigan Memory: Walks in the Arboretum.

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: Meeting other Michigan alumni, and participating in Michigan Community Service days.

Sidney Kleinman, Board Member
website_-_desiree.jpgDesiree Lauricella, Board Member

Degree: Psychology and Women’s Studies, 2008

Hometown: Jackson, Michigan

Career: Law Office of Desiree L. Lauricella, LLC, Principal/Owner

Favorite Michigan Memory: My first dance marathon in 2005! I made tons of new friends during that 30-hour experience, and I learned about many different campus organizations who volunteered their time at the Marathon

Serena Rabie, Cultural Committee Member
Nikki Little, Marketing Committee

Degree: Chemical Engineering, 2005

Hometown: Farmington Hills, Michigan

Career: Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, LLP, Intellectual Property Litigator

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: The worldwide reach of the Michigan Alumni network. Anywhere you go in Michigan gear, you’re almost certainly guaranteed to hear a “Go Blue!” My husband and I even met Michigan alumni during our honeymoon halfway across the world.

Alan Moy, Board Member

Degree: BBA, 2009

Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois

Career: Viet Nom Nom, Co-Founder

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: Like many, I am a huge Michigan sports super fan. Since college, I’ve loved traveling to watch Michigan play across the country in bowl games, March Madness and various road trips. Some of my best memories as an alum have come on these trips with friends and fellow alums, including my trips to Dallas for the Cowboys Classic, New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, and Atlanta for the basketball team’s National Championship appearance in 2013 (we also made it to 5 different cities during that team’s regular season!).

IMG 7677Serena Rabie, Board Member

Degree: Political Science and American Culture, 2013. Law School, 2017

Hometown: Lake Orion, MI

Career: Commercial Litigator

Favorite Michigan Memory: Denard Robinson to Roy Roundtree in the corner of the endzone to defeat Notre Dame in 2011. I have never seen such jubilation anywhere else in my entire life!

shreyaShreya Koushik, Marketing Committee Co-Chair

Degree(s): Economics and Psychology, 2020

Hometown: New Albany, OH

Career: Financial Analyst, Beam Dental

Favorite Part of Being an Alum: Saying “Go Blue” to people wherever I am; Going back to Ann Arbor to see friends and go to football games!

Favorite Michigan Memory: Making it to the Final Four and storming South U; Late nights in Law Library (sometimes).

matt_nolan.jpegMatt Nolan, Board Member

Degree(s): Political Science & History, 2003; Law, 2006

Hometown: Muskegon, Michigan

Career: Vice President & General Counsel, Applied Solutions Group at The Heico Companies

Favorite Michigan Memory: The memories are too numerous to pick just one, but I’ll choose freshman orientation in East Quad. I met the guy who would be the best man in my wedding 11 years later while playing Euchre in the Green Lounge, and was blown away by what living on campus would be like. It snowballed from there.

Favorite Part of Living in Chicago: Chicago is a wonderful blend of public spaces (the Lake Front, Grant Park, etc.), cultural resources (CSO, Art Institute, theaters), neighborhoods, restaurants and people. I enjoy the breadth of that variety and being able to soak in whatever I’m in the mood for in a given day/week. It’s also nice that Chicago’s not far from Michigan!

Christine Olson, Board Member

Degree: Economics, 1986

Hometown: Lake Barrington, Illinois

Career: Senior IT Manager, Motorola Mobility

Favorite Michigan Memory: Football Saturdays, hanging out with my sorority sisters, going to Dominic’s, the laid back vibe of spring term, Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Favorite Part of Living in Chicago: I live in the suburbs, but I love Chicago for all it has to offer and the awesome lakefront and nothing beats our skyline.


Jeffrey Piell, Board Member

Degree: Economics/Political Science, 1988

Hometown: Southfield, Michigan

Career: Labor and Employment Law Partner, Quarles & Brady, LLC

Favorite Michigan Memory: Proposing on 909 Sybil Street. My wife and I still walk by it everytime we are in Ann Arbor.

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: Pride and community. You cannot walk down the street in Chicago or suburbs without seeing someone wearing the maize and blue.

April.jpgApril Roberts, Community Service Committee Chair

Degree: Graphic Design, History of Art, 2002

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Career: Senior Systems Applications Analyst, Sterling

Favorite Michigan Memory: One of my favorite memories was before I was even a student. I attended SCEEP (Summer College Engineering Exposure Program) my 11th grade year. I had such a great time on campus interacting with students, professors and students from around the world that I made attending Michigan my top choice.

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Alum: The camaraderie among alumni, I love hearing the warm welcome of GO BLUE from other people and alumni at the most random times.

merideth_board_photo.jpgMerideth Segovia, Board Member

Degree: Finance, 2011

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Career: Conagra

Favorite Michigan Memory: The Michigan football game against Notre Dame under the lights! All the Michigan pride, the stadium filled with blinking blue bracelets, the halftime show, and the amazing Michigan win is a memory I won’t forget!

Favorite Part of Living in Chicago: Summer! I love walking and tuning along the Lake, going to the beach, seeing everyone enjoy and take advantage of the nice weather, attending all the street festivals and art fairs, and going to the amazing outdoor patios restaurants.

IMG 4401Ryan Sakwa, Networking Committee Member

Degree: Industrial Operations Engineering, 2012

Hometown: West Bloomfield, Michigan

Career: Sales Engineer – Salesforce, MBA Candidate – Northwestern Kellogg

Favorite Michigan Memory: My Senior year – Michigan v Notre Dame 2011, the first “Under the Lights” game – last second touchdown from Denard to Roundtree!

Favorite Part of Living in Chicago: Summer time on Lake Michigan, being near friends.

Debbie Roberts, Membership Committee Member
Patty Theokas, Board Member

Degree: Organizational Studies/Political Science 2008

Hometown: Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Activities While at U-M: Detroit Project, Relay for Life, Football Saturdays, and anything/everything Ann Arbor!

Elaine_Vong_2.jpgElaine Vong, Board Member

Degree: Chemical Engineering, 1990

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Career: Consultant and Owner, Vong BioPharma Consultants

Activities While at U-M: Society of Women Engineers, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Favorite Michigan Memory: My first date with my husband at the Law Quad.

susan_w.jpgSusan Welsh, Board Member

Degree: Political Science, 1995

Hometown: Chesterton, Indiana

Career: Partner, Schiff Hardin LLP

Favorite Michigan Memory: Meeting people from all over the country; attending hockey games; the summer art fairs; and living two blocks from Zingerman’s.

tania.jpgTania Yusaf, Board Member

Degree: Economics & English Language and Literature, 2002

Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan

Career: Staff Attorney, Rush University Medical Center

Activities While at Michigan: Women’s Glee Club

Favorite Michigan Memory: Attending football games, pizza and breadsticks from Pizza House, Scorekeepers, Making life-long friends.

Favorite Part of Living in Chicago: The diversity, outdoor dining during the summer, neighborhood festivals in the summer.

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