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U-M Club of Greater Chicago: Board Leadership

Board of Directors

Jennifer DeGeus
Themistocles Frangos
Lyndsey Housman
Jesse Hyde
Pamela Johnson
Shreya Koushik
Nikki Little
Jacob Molewyk
Alan Moy
Jeff Piell
Serena Rabie
April Roberts
Debbie Roberts
Patricia (Patty) Theokas
Dustin Tsap
Elaine Vong
Susan Welsh
Tania Yusaf
Phillip Zinda
Zoey Holmstrom
Tracey Warner Halama
Desiree Freeman
Zach Ozbun
Jose Miranda
Emily Mancewicz
Michael Koch
EJ Hortsman
Brian Guo
Nathan Gendich
Kelly Finzer
Jason Cummings

Club Officers

President: Phillip Zinda
Vice President: April Roberts
Secretary: Serena Rabie
Treasurer: Themistocles Frangos

Committee Chairs

Community Service: April Roberts
Cultural: Jacob Molewyk
Marketing: Lyndsey Housman
Membership: Debbie Roberts
Networking: Jesse Hyde
Sports & Social: Jason Cummings
Scholarship: Nikki Little
Suburban: Jacob Molewyk

If you are interested in learning more about sitting on UMCGC’s Board of Directors, please email us at [email protected].

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