Alumnae Council: Bylaws & Rules

Founded in 1917, the University of Michigan Alumnae Council (UMAC) operates under bylaws written and voted upon by its Governing Board and membership. These bylaws are approved by the Alumni Association Board of Directors. The first three articles of the University Of Michigan Alumnae Council Bylaws establish who we are, our purpose, and who is considered a member.


The name of this organization is the University of Michigan Alumnae Council of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, hereinafter referred to as the Alumnae Council.


The Alumnae Council, an affiliate of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, shares the University’s commitment to the advancement of diversity through the equitable inclusion of women in all facets of the University community.

The purpose of the Alumnae Council is to:

  1. support the interests of and provide a governance structure to alumnae clubs and unaffiliated members;
  2. represent alumnae interests to the University community;
  3. promote the interests of the University in local communities;
  4. support alumnae interests in the Alumni Association and its programs;
  5. inform Alumnae Council members of the work, progress, and needs of the University;
  6. identify and encourage outstanding students to attend the University;
  7. provide financial assistance to worthy and qualified students.


The Alumnae Council is composed of:

  1. all University of Michigan alumnae clubs chartered by the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, including emerita clubs;
  2. all chartered coeducational alumni clubs desiring membership;
  3. individuals, including current students, and unaffiliated members who support the purpose of the Alumnae Council.

(You can access the complete Alumnae Council bylaws online.)

To become involved in the Alumnae Council, or for more information: [email protected].

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