Gania Gossip

Summer Camp Application Opens Soon

Applications to Camp open Dec. 15 for summer 2018! Visit our application guidelines page for reminders on the membership requirements for applying to Camp, what information you will need to log in and complete the application form, and more. Apply by Jan. 15 to be eligible for the lottery.

Join us at Winter Camp

If you would like to add an enchanted holiday getaway to your plans this month, you are in luck! We have a limited number of spots left at Ring in the New Year Dec. 29 – Jan. 1. Winter at Camp Michigania is a thing of beauty. Apply now to join us!

Camper Survey

Here is your chance to win one of four $50 gift cards from The M Den, and to tell us what you think! We are already planning for next season and want to hear your thoughts on what you value at Camp. Fill out our survey by Dec. 15, 2017, and include your email address to be eligible to win. Complete the Camper Survey.

Help Recruit Camp Summer Staff

Now’s the time to apply to work at Camp Michigania on Walloon Lake as a summer staffer. Know any other great candidates? Pass along the application and information on what makes working at Michigania so memorable:

Mentoring Program Pays Off

Thanks to all the campers who helped connect our staff with the strong Michigan network. Camper Steve Vielmetti let us know that it’s already paying off for Campers:

“I wanted to share a week 9 success story from the ‘speed networking’ activity. I just received confirmation from Grzegorz Bieg (boating staff and former dining staff) that he accepted a job in our (Tenneco Inc.) European sales organization based near his home in Poland. We met formally at the networking event at Camp. I know he participated thinking that there was little chance it would lead to something. I am glad that it did.”

Where’s that Unicorn?

The unicorn was sighted by the Ed Center rather than CAC during 10th and 11th weeks this summer. And that wasn’t the only new thing we tried out. Our new Signature Saturdays brought out extra Camp staff with information to help new campers get oriented. Returning campers may have noticed that the skits happened on Sunday morning rather than evening this summer. Have feedback? Fill out our Camper Survey.

New Generator Powers Up

This is the first year we’ve had a generator at Camp, and it kicked on twice when power was lost due to lines going down outside of Camp. Good to know it works!

And the Prize Goes to…

Third week campers Holly and Eric Machus, along with their kids Hans, Sabrina, and Spencer, are the winners of our Camp Michigania raffle. Week 7 sold the most tickets, narrowly edging out week 5, with week 4 not too far back in third place. The 2016 raffle dollars brought us new helmets and stirrups in riding, as well as some new pickleball equipment. We hope to see you in 2018 so we can share what your raffle dollars supported!

Thanks to all weeks for supporting our Camp programs through your raffle ticket purchase and generous giving throughout the year. You are helping make this special place even more special.

We hope to see you in 2018 so we can share the results of your support!