Mentor Matching Interest Form

Camp Michigania campers interested in being matched as a mentor with a staff member should fill out the form below. Camper and staff mentoring matches will be informed for the week the camper will be present at Camp and encouraged to meet up.

Mentoring relationships that come about at Camp have been informal in the past, but we’re hoping to add to the informal relationships that occur through a mentor matching program for interested staff and campers. Facilitating the mentor matching may not result in a long-term mentor relationship, but we believe that this program will allow more potential for mentoring relationships to begin at Camp by connecting campers to staffers they may not otherwise connect with.

In addition to signing up to be matched as a mentor, several other opportunities for campers to connect with staff to increase the networking potential of the Camp Staff roles include: (1) a Resume Book, found in the Education Center and filled with staffer resumes, photos, and other information, will be available, and campers are encouraged to look through the book, learn more about our staff, and identify if there are staffers they’d like to network with or potentially mentor in some capacity, and (2) the Sunday pre-dinner Porch Party at the Education Center provides opportunities for campers to network with Camp’s Council, Faculty Forum, camp staff, and fellow campers.

We look forward to your response and interest, and our staff look forward to meeting and/or working with you.

Include the industry(ies) related to your area(s) of education and degree(s) that can be used to match you with staff. Staff come from a variety of universities, so please avoid acronyms.

Include the industry, company, your title, and any other pertinent information that can be used in matching.