Application Guidelines & Cancellation Policy

Application Dates

Summer Camp: Dec. 14 – Jan. 15 (for lottery eligibility; see guidelines below), Jan. 16 – end of summer (for non-lottery eligible)
Michigania East: Dec. 14 – Jan. 15 (for lottery eligibility)
Fall Colors: July 1 – Sept. 1 (for lottery eligibility)
Winter Camp: Sept. 1 – Nov. 15 (for lottery eligibility)

Camp Dates & Rates (Weekly)

Michigania 2019

16/15 - 6/22
26/22 - 6/29
36/29 - 7/6
47/6 - 7/13
57/13 - 7/20
67/20 - 7/27
77/27 - 8/3
88/3 - 8/10
98/10 - 8/17
108/17 - 8/24
118/24 - 8/31
0-2 years$415
3-6 years$630
7-12 years$790

Michigania East 2019

18/17 - 8/24
28/24 - 8/29

Week 1 Rates

0-2 years$425
3-6 years$640
7-12 years$795

Week 2 Rates

0-2 years$300
3-6 years$425
7-12 years$525

Applying to Camp

Eligibility for the Lottery

To be eligible to submit an application during the initial lottery process, the primary camper must be one of the following:

  • Be an alumni of the University of Michigan (attended the university for at least one semester in a degree-granting program)
  • Have obtained Dedicated Camper Staff Alumni Member (DCSAM) status (closed December 2012) and kept their alumni membership active
  • Be a member of the Alumni Association without lapse since June 30, 1999
  • Be faculty with emeritus status as assigned by the University of Michigan
  • Be current University faculty/staff

To enjoy the benefit of Camp Michigania, every adult over the age of 18 not currently enrolled in college or university must be a current member of the Alumni Association prior to attending. Family, Friends and Fans alumni members are not eligible to participate in the initial lottery and will be placed in the secondary lottery. Non-alumni can join as “Family, Friends and Fans” members and have access to many other Alumni Association member exclusives.

Requirements to apply for Camp Michigania

  • A family member that qualifies for the lottery needs to apply as the primary camper and must have a current active Alumni Association of the University of Michigan membership. Cabin units will be assigned on the basis of one unit per reservation form. Cabin units contain one bathroom and one or two bedrooms.
  • Spouses/domestic partners are entitled to one unit and may NOT apply separately. Children need to be on their parent’s application.
  • A single or couple qualifies for a 1 bedroom unit. There may be circumstances where we ask parent(s) with one small child (under 3 years old) to share a one-bedroom unit.
  • Members of “extended families” wishing to be assigned separate cabin units must fulfill the membership requirement, lottery requirement AND submit their own camp application forms.
  • Buying a membership to the Alumni Association does not make you eligible for the initial lottery (see eligibility above).

Logging into the application form

In order to access the summer camp application, you will need to use a U-M Login ID and password. University of Michigan alumni can log in with their U-M uniqname. Non-alumni can log in with a U-M “Friend Account.” To create or recover your login information, please follow the instructions below:

Instructions for filling out the application form

When filling out the application, you will need the following information for each camper:

  • Name, as written on their membership. Each member of your party over the age of 18 (who will not be a full-time student in the upcoming fall semester) must be a member, and we will cross-reference whether each person is already a member or needs to be charged for a membership.
  • Address, phone number, and email
  • Birthday
  • For children, provide the grade level they are entering in the fall so they can participate in Kids’ Camp with their peers.
  • Alumni / Membership ID. Please provide this 7-10 digit number for all adult campers who have one to help us correctly match campers with their membership status. The ID number can be found on past Camp invoices, mailing labels from U-M and the Alumni Association, or by calling the Alumni Association at 800.847.4764 during business hours or emailing us at If the Alumni / Membership ID field is left blank on the application form, a new account will be created and a membership fee will be charged for that individual.
  • Questions? For questions regarding Camp or how to fill out the application, please contact Camp Michigania by phone at 231.582.9191 or email at



Status is available to those who have been regularly enrolled for at least one semester in a degree-granting program at the University of Michigan or have been designated as honorary alumni or granted an honorary degree by the Board of Regents.

Associate members

Are those who were Alumni Association members prior to June 30, 1999, and have continually maintained their membership, as well as current or emeritus faculty and staff. Associate members who joined (or rejoined) after June 30, 1999, are classified as “Family, Friends or Fans” memberships.

Family, friends and fans

Memberships are for non-alumni who wish to join as members of the Alumni Association. (This status is not eligible for the lottery.)

Waitlist & Priority Status Guidelines

Priority Status means a waitlisted family will be placed in a week of their choice the following summer, as long as they submit their application during the eligible lottery period.


Those lottery-eligible families who are waitlisted and:

  • Are not offered a vacancy in one of their chosen weeks.
  • Are offered a vacancy in one of their chosen weeks less than 30 days prior to the start of that week and decline the offer.
  • Are offered a vacancy in one of their chosen weeks less than 7 days prior to the start of one of their chosen weeks and accept or decline the offer.

No Priority

Those lottery-eligible families who are waitlisted and:

  • Are offered a vacancy in one of their chosen weeks greater than 30 days prior to the start of that week and decline the offer.
  • Are offered a vacancy in one of their chosen weeks greater than 7 days prior to the start of the week and accept that spot.

Will receive NO priority if they apply the following year.

Canceling from wait lists

Submit an email to Once received, your request will be processed and your deposit refunded.

Group Application Guidelines

  • Families (related or unrelated) may apply as a group. Each family applying for a unit within a group must complete a separate application.
  • A group application gives you one lottery ticket for camp.
  • All families in group must apply for the exact same week(s).
  • If one family is not eligible for the lottery then the entire group is not eligible for the lottery.
  • If one family is not eligible for priority, the entire group is not eligible for priority.
  • The maximum number of families that may apply as a group is limited to the number of families that can be accommodated in one cabin or, in the case of “immediate” families (includes grandparents, parents, siblings, and children only), the number is unlimited. At Michigania Walloon, the largest cabins include three 2-bedroom units or two 2-bedroom and two 1-bedroom units.
  • If a group application is selected, all families in the group will be confirmed.
  • If a group application is not selected, the families in the group will be placed individually on the waitlist after all waitlisted “single” families.
  • Families that originally applied as part of a group and are not confirmed because they are not offered a vacancy or they decline an opening when offered because the entire group cannot be confirmed at that time will receive priority regardless of whether they apply as a “single” family or as part of a group the following year. However, they will lose that priority if they apply as part of a group that includes families who are not entitled to priority (i.e. if one of the families in a group is not entitled to priority, none of the families in the group are).
  • In order to use your priority for the following summer, you must apply during the eligible lottery period.

Cancellation Policy


Application cancellations received prior to Feb. 28: Full refund less a $50 service charge.

A “confirmed reservation” has been placed in a week and notified by email they have been confirmed. The cancellation of confirmed reservations will be refunded as follows:

  • Cancellations received 30 days prior to arrival will receive a refund of camp fees less the deposit. Cancellations received less than 30 days from arrival will forfeit 50% of camp fees.
  • There will be a $100 fee for each camper canceled from an application after May 15 (that is not replaced with another camper).
  • In the case that you are not able to attend, your cancellation must be submitted in writing, either by email, fax, or U.S. mail.

These changes will be enforced to ensure consistency. The opportunity for another family to fill the opening created by a cancellation will not impact the refund policy.

Trip Insurance

Travel insurance is available for your trip. You have 21 days from this confirmation to purchase Plus or Elite in order to have coverage for preexisting medical conditions. Any other policy can be purchased until the day before departure. We encourage you to visit Travel Insurance Services (TIS). Please note that decisions regarding reimbursement of costs are determined by TIS, and that Michigania has no ability to influence these decisions.

Final Payments

All final payments for confirmed reservations must be received by May 15. Final payments for reservations confirmed after May 15 are due within 14 days. Records not paid in full within this time frame are subject to a $200 late fee.

Payments may be made online with a credit card or by check, payable to Michigania and mailed to:

Camp Michigania
03006 Camp Sherwood Rd
Boyne City, MI 49712


Please direct questions regarding Camp and the application process to Camp Michigania by phone at 231.582.9191 or email at

If you need assistance logging into the application form or creating a U-M Login ID, contact U-M ITS Services (phone, chat, and email options).

To locate your Alumni / Membership ID or confirm your membership status, please contact the Alumni Association at 800.847.4764 during business hours or email us at