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Career Webinars

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Join us for a webinar series hosted by alumni industry experts and career coaches on an assortment of supportive career subjects.

Career Design 101: How to Pivot Careers to Find More Fulfillment

Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2024 @ 12 pm ET
Speaker: Ashley Artrip
Ashley Artrip

Feeling like you’re going through the motions at work? Unsure of what’s next for your career? In this webinar hosted by the co-founder of Mission Collaborative, Ashley Artrip, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of how to effectively change careers to find more fulfillment, achieve work-life balance, and make the most out of your skills and passion. You’ll get a crash course on how to get clarity on what’s next in your career, test different options before committing to them, and other steps that can jump-start your career journey.

Together we’ll:

  • Understand how to identify and leverage your skills and passions for a career change
  • Gain clarity on potential career paths and how to evaluate them
  • Learn strategies for testing different career options before making a commitment
  • Discover actionable steps to initiate and navigate your career transition effectively
  • Enhance your ability to achieve better work-life balance and fulfillment in your career

Ashley Artrip has guided over 20,000 career changers and is dedicated to helping others craft successful, engaging, and fulfilling careers. Before founding Mission Collaborative, she honed her expertise at Gallup and other organizations, focusing on research into employee engagement and the elements of a successful career. At Gallup, she earned certification as a Gallup StrengthsFinder coach, empowering her to guide individuals in identifying their strengths and leveraging them to create careers they love. Additionally, Ashley is the author of “Career Design: Design Your Career to Change Your Life.”

How to Upskill: Developing Yourself While Maximizing Your Time

Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2024 @ 12 pm ET
Speaker: Mariana Akasheh
Mariana Akasheh

Upskilling is key to lifelong learning and professional mobility. According to Gallup, workers who participate in upskilling earn, on average, $8,000 more than their peers who did not. In addition, 75 percent of those who participated in skill development shared that their learning had a positive impact on their career development. This webinar will be relevant to all alumni, from those in their first professional roles, to those wanting to get promoted, to those looking to change careers.

We will:

  • Highlight the benefits of upskilling
  • Identify the varying upskilling stages you may be in
  • Review the steps to start your own skill development journey
  • Discover the specific resources to support you
  • Gain clarity on the ways to advocate for your skill development

Mariana Akasheh (she/her) finds genuine joy in supporting others in growing and developing professionally, academically, and personally. She has committed to this interest through her professional training, including career, leadership, academic, and life coaching. She is a Board Certified Career Coach (BCC), certified Advanced Academic Coach, and certified Executive Coach.

She has professionally coached clients over the last 11 years, including early career, mid-level, and executive professionals. In addition, she has 10 years experience in higher education and began her professional journey in the hospitality and retail industries.

She is currently the Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Organizational Culture at the University of Michigan and is the owner of Success Reimagined, LLC, a coaching and consulting organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach the success they are after.

Career Bites

Miss one of our webinars? Our Career Bites provide you with the top tips from our career experts. Full recordings are also available for viewing anytime.

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