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Career coaching isn’t just for executives. Everyone can benefit, no matter what stage you’re at or position you hold. The Alumni Association has partnered with a select group of career experts across the country to coach you on topics such as:

  • Resume review
  • Interviewing skills
  • Preparing for an industry change
  • Creating a healthier work-life balance
  • Improving your leadership skills and professional presence
  • Figuring out your interests and strengths

Please note that partnered career coaches offer a discount on their services to U-M alumni, but rates still apply. Prices will vary.

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Michigan Alumni Career Coach Adam Schmidt

Adam Schmidt

Adam Schmidt is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and the founder of Smart Summit Coaching, where he focuses on one-on-one Professional Coaching engagements designed to facilitate personal development through a series of thought-provoking, creative, and purposeful conversations.

In addition to his certification in 360 and strengths-based assessments, his coaching style is shaped by powerful questioning, authentic listening, accountability, and being fully present for his clients. Adam’s principal coaching focus is in Leadership and Career Coaching.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via internet + phone)

Career Stages: Early, mid

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Alicia Reese

Alicia Reece

Alicia Reece is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with nearly two decades of global experience with Fortune 500 organizations across multiple industries. She is the Principal and owner of The Reece Group, a coaching and consulting practice helping organizations, groups, and individual professionals advance their goals in the areas of career, life, and leadership.

Prior to launching her own business, Alicia spent nearly a decade with Cisco, a Fortune 50 IT company, as a Professional Coach and in various HR leadership roles.

Key outcomes of her coaching engagements include: building self-awareness and clarity regarding emotional intelligence skills and strengths, honing leadership skills, enhancing the effectiveness of leadership transitions, managing organizational relationships more effectively, and establishing influence and executive presence.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via internet + phone)

Career Stages: Early, mid, executive

Photo of Audrey Dorsey

Audrey Dorsey

Audrey helps executives, senior leaders, and experienced professionals advance their careers, which includes landing their ideal jobs faster. 

Her clients are ambitious high performers seeking opportunities to reach their full potential, contribute to greater impact, contribute to greater impact, and earn what they deserve. 

As they lead full lives, they realize that having a coach can support them achieving their goals in a quicker, better, faster way. And, having Audrey as their coach means they’ll be exposed to insider knowledge from a Fortune 500 Executive Coach who has worked with the leaders of a wide range of industry type and size. These insights are designed into THE DORSEY METHOD, taking them step-by-step through achieving more personal clarity, comfort networking, and an easy confidence in interviews that stems from having a clear message that makes sense.  

Audrey has been a coach for 20+ years, with the focus of helping experienced professionals with their career transition goals. Her professional background includes – brand management at The Quaker Oats Company; MBA from Columbia University; engineering degree from The University of Michigan; and the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential, as one who has met the rigorous standards of the International Coaching Foundation (ICF).

Audrey’s experience, training, and education help me quickly earn the trust and respect of my clients. They know that she understands the dynamics of leading a team, managing a business, influencing key stakeholders, and representing yourself and the impact you create. 

Audrey seeks to learn and continue to expand her own influence and impact, as she helps others do the same. 

If this resonates, and you’re up for it, Audrey invites you to schedule a quick 45-minute call with her to see if THE DORSEY METHOD is the right program for you, right now.

For more of Audrey’s background and to connect, please visit her on LinkedIn.

Available Coaching Methods: In person (Atlanta, GA), virtual (phone)

Career Stages: Mid to late (30s, 40s, 50s), executive, directors of private companies

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Bronson Edwards

Bronson Edwards

Bronson is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and ICF Mentor Coach with over 15 years of cross-sector leadership experience. His passion for developing tools and techniques to help professionals clarify and consistently achieve their objectives led him to establish Uncomman Partners. Uncomman Partners works with individuals and teams to sharpen their presence, develop crisp roadmaps, establish accountability and support structures, and accelerate personal and professional growth through their applied learning.

Bronson specializes in guiding teams and leaders in dismantling perceived barriers, optimizing their effectiveness, and achieving their potential.

Available Coaching Methods: Virtual

Career Stages: Early, mid, late, executive, encore, transition

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Cheryl McPhilimy

Cheryl McPhilimy

Cheryl McPhilimy provides career, leadership, and communication coaching to executives, experts, and those at the very start of their careers. As they launch, build, or transition, her clients understand their strengths, take accurate stock of their options, clarify their goals, refine their public presentation and impact, and work on a game plan to success.

An experienced communications professional, Cheryl coaches individuals in a range of industries and has a particular focus in media, communication, professional services, nonprofit organizations, finance, and manufacturing.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via internet + phone)

Career Stages: First-time job seeker, early, encore, executive

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Christy Gibson

Christy Herlick Gibson

With a passion for supporting globally mobile professionals, Christy provides career, leadership, and expat coaching through her consultancy, ambitionsABROAD Career & Intercultural Coaching.

An ICF-credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with a Graduate Certificate in Executive & Professional Coaching, Christy draws from her expertise in career and job search strategy, personal branding, leadership development, and intercultural competency to support her diverse clientele through a myriad of personal and professional transitions.

Christy’s previous career was in international higher education, where she held leadership roles in global MBA and international student programs. She has an M.A. in Intercultural Relations and is a proud Michigan alum.

Available Coaching Methods: In person (Up North Michigan), virtual

Career Stages: In school, recent graduate, early, mid, late, executive, encore, transition, career change

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Damian Zikakis

Damian Zikakis

Damian Zikakis brings more than 18 years of experience in coaching and career-development training to clients. He coaches mid-career individuals, along with executives at the director level and above.

Damian is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach and is also credentialed by the International Coach Federation. Damian is certified in the use of Hogan assessments and is trained in the use of the CareerLeader assessment.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via internet + phone)

Career Stages: Mid, executive

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Daryll Bryant

Daryll Bryant

Daryll Bryant is a supply chain executive and change leader with a 25-year history of delivering excellence for Fortune 100 Food & Beverage Consumer Packaged Goods companies. He is a practitioner who works in the trenches to coach, teach, and develop leaders.

His intention is to help aspiring leaders unleash their collective genius to support the attainment of their career goals. He is recognized as a transformational leader and has a strength for engaging with employees at all levels of an organization to create a culture of execution that affects change and delivers sustainable results. Daryll’s expertise in implementing lean manufacturing tools and methods has made him successful in turning around underperforming business operations.

Daryll is currently working as a career coach, trusted business advisor, and keynote speaker.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via internet + phone)

Career Stages: First-time leader, career change, mid, early executive (Plant Manager, General Manager)

Elise Auxier

Elise Auxier

A proud Michigan alum, Elise has worked in Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies and owned multiple successful businesses. Elise combines her real-world experience with coaching credentials to assist her clients to become the professionals they want to be.

Elise is an enthusiastic, experienced, ICF professional with a PCC credential and additional certifications in Leadership and Business Coaching.

Elise assists her clients in building skills, confidence, and courage to pursue the career and life they truly desire. Specialties: career transitions and advancement, navigating career shifts, work-life integration, and developing poise, polish, and presence. Elise has successfully coached hundreds of clients in Fortune 500 companies, regional companies, and entrepreneurs.

Available Coaching Methods: Web conference, phone, in person

Career Stages: Mid, executive, entrepreneur, transitions, returning to work

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Jennifer Nash

Jennifer Nash

Dr. Jennifer Nash is a certified executive coach specializing in emotional intelligence, leadership development, relationships, human capital, communication, and leadership. Prior to launching her coaching and consulting firm in 2018, Jennifer held executive and leadership roles at Deloitte, Ford, EDS, and other organizations throughout her 25-year career.

She earned an MBA from Michigan, a PhD from CWRU, and holds multiple instrument certifications.

Her forthcoming book is entitled Leading with Heart: The Human Element of Business.

Available Coaching Methods: In person (Southeast Michigan), virtual

Career Stages: First-time job seeker, recent graduate, early, mid, executive, board of directors, encore, transition from employee into consulting/professional services

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Kara Becker

Kara Becker

Kara Becker is passionate about career development and enjoys supporting others through making career decisions. Choosing a major, changing careers, or looking for a job or internship can often seem intimidating. She works with her clients to make the process feel less chaotic and achieve their desired results, assisting with everything from facilitating career exploration to guiding through the job-search process. She believes in a holistic but structured approach to career counseling to help others set and meet their career goals.

Kara is certified in the Myers-Briggs Assessment, is a Board Certified Career Coach, and is an Academy Certified Resume Writer.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via phone)

Career Stages: First-time job seeker through mid

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Katiuska Luna Cancalon

Katiuska Molina-Luna

Katiuska is a PPC International Coaching Federation certified coach with over 4,500 hours supporting individuals in the private and public sectors. As a former faculty member, PhD in neuroscience, and academic coach, her clients benefit from her passion for continuous education to keep current in the industry.

Katiuska’s broad working experience in the US, Germany, and Switzerland gives her a unique perspective with her clients as they pursue their career transition goals. She is a trusted advisor who capitalizes on diverse resources and expertise to provide support, including resume makeovers, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, and interview preparation.

Available Coaching Methods: Virtual (via phone)

Career Stages: Recent graduate, first-time job seeker, mid, transition

Kelli Wingo

Kelli Wingo

Kelli employs her signature consultative coaching method, which infuses standard coaching practices of excavating solutions from within the client with real-world expertise. She serves as a champion, mirror, comfort, and challenger. She co-creates sessions with clients that are engaging, humorous, informative, thought-provoking, and encouraging.

Kelli’s expertise helps clients adopt an entrepreneurial ownership mindset to custom design their personal and professional journeys.

Prior to her full-time entrepreneurial ventures, she spent 25 years in the financial services industry, primarily at Fortune 500 companies.

Available Coaching Methods: In-person, virtual (via internet + phone)

Career Stages: Early, mid, senior-level leaders

Michigan alumni career coach Kevin Kiley

Kevin M. Kiley

Kevin is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation and is a certified career coach, working primarily with early and mid-career professionals, career switchers, and high-potential leaders. He’s also a grad school admissions consultant, specializing in business school and PhDs.

Kevin’s background includes 5+ years of leadership experience in corporate talent development and 5+ years recruiting and evaluating talent for MBA programs at Washington University in St. Louis. He’s been the hiring manager for over 100 professional positions. His 8+ years as a professional editor is highly leveraged in reviewing client resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other communication.

Available Coaching Methods: In person or virtual (via internet + phone)

Career Stages: First-time job seeker, recent graduate, early, mid, first-time leader; specialty in graduate school coaching

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Lisa Yee Litzenberg

Lisa Yee-Litzenberg

Lisa is a certified career coach who helps people find and secure their dream green job. She is a U-M alumna (BS Natural Resources and Environment).

Lisa spent 10 years leading career services for graduate students from diverse disciplines at the U-M School for Environment and Sustainability. Prior to that, she worked for a national environmental NGO for 12 years. In 2016, she launched her own private practice, Green Career Advisor.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via phone + Skype + WhatsApp)

Career Stages: First-time job seeker, mid, transition

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Mimi Darmstadter

Mimi Darmstadter

Mimi is an executive and career coach as well as a seasoned leader in human resources. Her goal is to support individual success and satisfaction in “work,” broadly defined.

Mimi’s career coaching clients typically are contemplating a career transition driven by new or evolving values and professional vision. Her executive coaching clients seek new levels of self-awareness, skill, and behavior to build capacity at work.

Mimi is certified in numerous coaching assessments.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via phone + Skype + WhatsApp)

Career Stages: Mid, senior/executive (not first-time job seekers or recent graduates)

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Miriam Salpeter

Miriam Salpeter

Author of seven books and an award-winning strategist, Miriam leverages her unique social media expertise to ensure that executives, entrepreneurs, and job seekers use online tools to market themselves competitively. She writes keyword-optimized LinkedIn profiles, bios, and resumes and coaches clients to enhance their online and in-person networking skills.

Prior to launching her business, Miriam led the Career Center at Emory University’s School of Public Health and served as a vice president for a Wall Street firm. She holds an MA from Columbia University and a BA from U-M.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via internet + phone)

Career Stages: Executive, transitioning to consultant from employee, entrepreneur, mid, first-time job seeker

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Paul Bernard

Paul Bernard

Paul Bernard is a highly respected executive coach with over 20 years experience advising executives on leadership development, staff management, strategic planning, communications, and work/life balance. His firm, Paul Bernard & Associates, provides cutting-edge executive coaching, onboarding, career management, and outplacement services to corporate, not-for-profit, and government executives.

His work has been profiled in BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and The New York Times, and on CNN and The TODAY Show.

Before starting the firm in 1989, Paul Bernard held senior financial, marketing, and human resources positions in the financial services and publishing industries.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via internet + phone)

Career Stages: First-time job seeker, mid, late, executive, encore

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Rebecca Maley

Rebecca Maley

Rebecca Maley is a Certified Professional Coach who partners with clients in the healthcare industry. Spending 24 years in healthcare, she brings knowledge, passion, and excitement about the field and prides herself on her ability to connect with those she works with: her colleagues, her students, her patients, her clients.

When you work with Becky, you’ll get extensive clinical background coupled with remarkable career coaching. She is here to help guide you through the process of creating the professional life of your choosing.

Available coaching methods: In person (Southeast Michigan/Ann Arbor area), virtual (via phone)

Career stages: Recent graduate, first-time job seeker, mid, late, transition

Michigan Alumni Career Coach Tracy Akresh Stone

Tracy Akresh Stone

Tracy accelerates careers. Her direct, fast-paced approach combined with her real-world business and coaching experience results in improved engagement, confident leaders, and measurable impact for organizations. Collaborating with Tracy can help you take on your greatest leadership challenges.

Tracy has studied leadership at both the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan Business School. She has been where you are in senior positions in corporate management and has a track record of creating positive outcomes and enabling growth.

Tracy is based in San Francisco and coaches emerging leaders from Silicon Valley to New York in marketing, finance, product, operations, and engineering at top start-ups and enterprises across industries. Combining first-hand insights about what makes a great leader with simple, goal-oriented coaching tools, Tracy helps you develop your team, communicate more effectively, and move you to the next level of success.

Available Coaching Methods: In person, virtual (via internet + phone)

Career Stages: Mid, late, executive, encore