Our Big House Is Your Big House. Come Tour It.

Ever wondered what it feels like to run out of the tunnel onto the field of the Big House? Standing on the sideline in the coach’s spot… in your khakis? Taking a selfie in the end zone? Now you can. Because we have the keys to the Big House. Here are a few of the things Wolverines, family, and fans get to do…

Event Info

  • General Admission: $40
  • Member-Discounted Admission: $30
  • Children (12 years and under): $20
  • U-M Students: $20

*Note: For their safety and as a courtesy to other guests, children under 5 are not permitted on the tour. In addition, professional photography is not allowed.

Your Big House Tour Includes

  • Gain insight into the history of Michigan Stadium and how it became the largest collegiate stadium in the country. Presentation by Dr. Robert Soderstrom, author of “The Big House, Fielding H. Yost and the Building of Michigan Stadium.”
  • Visit the Michigan locker room, along with remarks by Bill Austin, the Athletic Department’s resident game-day specialist
  • Try on an actual Michigan helmet and shoulder pads
  • Run (or walk) through the tunnel onto the field
  • Overlook Michigan Stadium while visiting the Jack Roth Stadium Club
  • Throw a touchdown pass or kick a field goal
  • Take your photo on the 50-yard line

2019 Tour Dates

Oct. 27 (Sunday after Notre Dame game)

Past Tour Dates

Sept. 29, 2019 (Sunday after Rutgers game)

Oct. 6, 2019 (Sunday after Homecoming vs. Iowa)

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If you already have a uniqname and need to reset your password, please change it here.