U-M Club of Dallas: Past Winners

Past Scholarship Winners

2021-2022 Anika Angi/Brenden Pitney
2020-2021 Eduardo Martinez / Mariana Boully Perez
2019-2020 Naveen Vimalathas / Mariana Boully Perez
2018-2019 Kathy Pham / Jongik Lee, runner-up
2017-2018 Taylor Jenkins
2016-2017 Emily Dworkin
2015-2016 Elizabeth Goulston
2014-2015 Alexis Brown
2013-2014 Nida Ali
2012-2013 Trevor St. John-Gilbert
2011-2012 Mackenzie Orr
2010-2011 Jordan Harris
2009-2010 Trevor St. John-Gilbert (freshman award) / Mary Patterson (returning student award)
2008-2009 Jordan Harris (freshman award) / Coleman Meadows (returning student award)
2007-2008 Rachel Van Amburgh (freshman award) / Kristen Bates (returning student award)

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