U-M Club of Dallas: Present Winner

2020-21 Scholarship Recipient

The U-M Club of Dallas is pleased to announce the selection of incoming Freshman student Eduardo Martinez as winner of the 2020-21 scholarship. Eduardo will receive $6,000 toward his educational expenses. He was accepted to the U-M School of Music, Theatre, and Dance as a Bassoon Music Performance major.

Eduardo graduated this spring from Burleson’s Centennial High School with a GPA of 4.396/4.0 and a class ranking of 10/398. He received a National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP) Scholar Award and an AP Scholar with Distinction Award.

A well-rounded student, Eduardo received Academic Excellence awards in AP Chemistry and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing. However, it is Eduardo’s love of music that stands out.

  • He played in Centennial’s band since freshman year
  • He was selected to play in the All-Region band every year of high school
  • He qualified as an All-Area musician sophomore through senior year
  • He was voted most valuable wind ensemble member in spring of 2018 and 2019
  • He was a soloist in the band’s marching show in 2018-2019
  • He was a member of 5A UIL state-qualifying marching band in the 2019-2020 year (Awarded 5th place in UIL State Marching contest.)
  • He was a member of the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra since August 2017

In addition, Eduardo worked in residential construction and landscaping since August 2016.

You can get to know Eduardo by reading his photo essay (below) and his Thank You note.


This is a picture of me and my Bassoon (which is a double-reed woodwind instrument). I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be the same person today if it were not for music and my instrument. For me, music is my outlet and has been my way to metaphorically escape any of my troubles while putting all my passion and emotion into a creative mode/form. I have played Bassoon for 5 years (and counting) and hope to pursue my playing as a career. I have heard that if you do something you enjoy for a career, you never work a day in your life, and I hope to be able to live out this reality. Music encompasses a large part of me, and being able to pursue my musical education at the University of Michigan would mean more than the world to me.


This is a photo of me and my grandfather together after one of my concerts. While music encompasses a large part of me, family is just as important to me. My family is from Mexico and came to America because of my grandfather. He ventured to America with the aspiration of providing a better future for his family. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to achieve the best for his family and showed me what it means to be a good person. I hold my grandfather in the highest esteem because along with showing me what it means to be a good person, he has shown me what an excellent work ethic is. While many people have influenced me and my work ethic, none have done quite so like my grandfather, and now it has set me on the path to pursue my passion at my dream school.


The last photo is the wall in my room that houses a majority of the awards that I have received over the years. I try and model my life after the saying “Hard work beats talent whenever talent does not work hard,” and this wall is proof of that very saying. To me, this wall is a representation of the fruits of my labor and conveys the message that my countless hours of labor and tireless work do not go unnoticed. As a student and a musician, my goal is to be the best that I can be, and as a student at the University of Michigan, I know I will take advantage of the opportunities available to me to ultimately become the best that I can be.


A second 2020-2021 scholarship, open to returning students as well as incoming freshmen, goes to Mariana Boully Perez

Mariana, last year’s runner-up, will be a senior graduating with an AB in Public Policy and a minor in History. She has a 3.87/4.0 GP and has received University Honors since the Fall of 2017. She will receive $3,000 toward her college expenses.

Some alumni might be surprised to learn that more than 140 students from the DFW area are either beginning or continuing their undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan in the fall of 2020. While the U-M Club of Dallas continues to work hard to increase our scholarship endowment fund, we are currently unable to offer scholarships to many deserving local students. 

If you would like to see more students like Eduardo and Mariana receive scholarships, please consider making a donation to our endowment fund.

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