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U-M Club of Charlotte: Scholarships

Scholarship Fund

One of our most rewarding activities is the administration of our Scholarship Fund. We offer a merit/needs-based scholarship for incoming first-year students from the greater Charlotte area. We have awarded over $50,000 in scholarships since our fund was established in 2008-2009. The quantity and value of scholarships awarded each year varies.

Scholarship awards are made each summer for incoming students’ first academic year and are based on academic success, extracurricular activities, and completion of a written essay describing the student’s future goals, motivation for choosing the University of Michigan in pursuit of those goals, and how the scholarship award would facilitate attending the University of Michigan.

Download Scholarship Application  (Word doc)

To be considered, matriculating students must send completed scholarship applications to [email protected] by August 12, 2022 for the 2022 – 2023 Academic Year.

Where Does the Money Come From?

Our Scholarship Fund comes from two sources. A key source of contributions comes from fundraiser drawings that we hold during game watch parties and other fundraising events such as ticket sales to Charlotte Hornets games, Charlotte Knights games, and merchandise sales. Our game watch parties are great fun, and participants are always eager to win MICHIGAN apparel, mugs, and other items.

In addition, and as equally important, we rely on individual contributions to the scholarship fund by Charlotte area alumni and friends, including corporate matching contributions from employers who offer that option. All individual donations are counted towards your University giving record and will be acknowledged by the University as being tax-deductible.

How to Donate:

UM Club of Charlotte Scholarship Fund – 314142

Donations made to this fund are expendable. A gift is immediately available to be awarded as scholarship funds, having an immediate, however short-term impact. Merit and need-based scholarship support for undergraduate students in the Charlotte, NC area.

UM Club of Charlotte Endowed Scholarship Fund – 799966

Donations made to this fund buy into the University endowment. Only earnings from this fund are awarded as scholarships, providing a more long-term impact. Merit and need-based scholarship support for undergraduate students in the Charlotte, NC area.


Tess Nicholas – 2018 UM Club of Charlotte Scholarship Recipient
“I am a rising sophomore nursing major at University of Michigan! I am incredibly thankful to have received the scholarship from the alumni of UofM in Charlotte!! University of Michigan was everything I dreamed it would be!! My first semester I spent a lot of time getting to know the campus and adjusting the college atmosphere. I joined hall council in Bursley to get more involved with my dorm. While studying was always top priority, I always found time to go see the football games, go for a run or to the gym, and occasionally some soccer or volleyball games. Second semester was when I really started to feel like I found my place! I joined MRun and made the most AMAZING friends!! I am beyond thankful for this scholarship for giving me the opportunity to go to my dream school and have the most beautiful experiences! It allowed me to spend more time preparing for my studies rather than worrying about paying for college all year. I finished off this year with a GPA high enough to join Nursing Honors program! I am looking forward to living in a house next year with some of my new friends from MRun as well as the clinical experiences in year two of the nursing school! Hopefully year two brings just as many football wins, trips to The Arb, late night study sessions with pals, and new friends! Thank you Alumni for all that you do to prepare freshman for these new experiences and I cannot wait to join the Charlotte Alum crew!! As always, GO BLUE, and THANK YOU!”

Claudia Jennings – 2018 UM Club of Charlotte Scholarship Recipient
“My first year at the University of Michigan was amazing! Getting adjusted to the cold weather was a little tricky, but in the end it was worth it! Getting to pick my own classes for once was really cool and different than what I was used to in high school. This past year I got to take a class which included volunteering every week at a level one prison. Going there every week was one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to take more forensic and criminology related classes next year, as well as volunteer more in the prison system. Going to a school 10 hours away meant I didn’t know anyone on campus, but I quickly made some of my best friends. My scholarship helped me to be able to afford joining a sorority my freshman year. Through joining, I found amazing friends and sisters who I went to football games with, studied with, and had fun with the entire year!”

Grant Buchmiller – 2017 UM Club of Charlotte Scholarship Recipient
“I had a fantastic freshman year at Michigan! Whether it was making friends with students from around the globe, studying under world-class professors, or getting involved with numerous organizations around campus, I can assuredly say that this past year far surpassed any expectations I had going into college. Two major highlights from freshman year include visiting Chicago and New York on club trips to visit and interact with various consulting and finance firms firsthand, and, of course, cheering on the Wolverines’ men’s basketball team as they busted brackets on their way to the National Championship game. I will never forget the feelings of pride and camaraderie watching each game among fellow Wolverines around campus and chanting “Hail to the Victors” after each win – it was truly amazing and something you could only find at Michigan. There is truly nowhere else I would rather be spending my four years of college, and I am grateful to the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Charlotte for helping make this possible.”

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