U-M Club of New York: Past Recipients

Past Winners

2022 Leslie Chen Edward R. Murrow High School
2022 Rickey Dong Stuyvesant High School
2022 Yisang Moon The Bronx High School of Science
2022 Brian Caballo The Bronx High School of Science
2021 Jeremy Owusu (LEAD) Lilburn, GA
2021 Edwin Chan Stuyvesant High School
2021 Anisha Sultana Brooklyn Technical High School
2021 Nehemiah Yu Stuyvesant High School
2021 Kelly Zhou Stuyvesant High School
2020 Nancy Chen The Bronx High School of Science
2020 Jason Lin Brooklyn Technical High School
2020 Janice Liu The Bronx High School of Science
2020 Kate Louissant LaGuardia High School
2019 Winni Chen Staten Island Technical High School
2018 Phyllis Alinsao Townsend Harris High School
2018 Jenny Gurung High School for Math Science and Engineering at CCNY
2017 Mabel Chan Brooklyn Technical High School
2017 Serenity Monroe  
2016 Yan Zhang Math, Sci, & Engin @ CCNY
2014 Dominique John Brooklyn Technical High School
2014 Shadae Boakyim-Yiadom Manhattan Village Academy
2014 Alvin Garcia Stuyvesant High School
2013 Jennifer Zhou The Bronx High School of Science
2013 Francisco Quiogue Harlem Village Academy
2013 Dyshon Toxey Academy of American Studies
2012 Vivian Bae Benjamin Cardozo High School
2012 Pratik Lakhani Townsend Harris High School
2012 Mason Chiang Math, Sci, & Engin @ CCNY
2011 Lewaa Bahmad NEST+m High School
2011 Elio Morillo Townsend Harris High School
2010 Esther Whang NYC Lab School
2010 Brittany Goldberger Portledge High School
2009 Farone Rasheed Stuyvesant High School
2009 Kenny Tang City College High School
2008 Julian Carrasquillo Garden School
2008 Harrison Kim NYC Lab School
2007 Francesca Nieves Brooklyn Technical High School
2007 Jana Pohorelsky Columbia Grammar High School
2007 Kevin Swieca The Bronx High School of Science
2006 Stephen Snyder Fieldston School
2006 Rachel Ball The Bronx High School of Science
2005 Caitlin Cohan Stuyvesant High School
2005 Christopher Lance


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