Previous Scholarship Winners

2020 Scholarship Winners

 Noah Stevens Cala Renehan Christopher Huynh
“I want to thank the UM Club of Denver for this amazing scholarship opportunity! Even though COVID-19 has made this year very challenging, I am nonetheless still excited to begin college and to explore new interests. I plan on majoring in Biophysics, eventually to pursue a career in medicine as a physician and a researcher. As I venture through the next chapters of my life, I will remember and always be grateful for the support the UM Club of Denver has given me. Go Blue!” “Thank you so much to the scholarship committee and UMCD for their time and consideration. I am so excited to be a recipient of this scholarship and to continue my time at Michigan as I embark on my curriculum as a public health major! There is no better place that I can think of to be during this time to receive a public health education. In the future, I hope to call attention to and to dismantle health inequalities and inequities, and work to bring social justice to the forefront of our healthcare and medical system. GO BLUE!” “I am sincerely honored to be selected as the recipient of the UM Alumni Club of Denver Scholarship. As I begin my journey to pursue a Ph.D. degree in biomedical sciences at the University of Michigan, I am grateful and appreciative of the generous support from the club. This award will give me an opportunity to gain skills and tools that will prepare me in my career as a researcher. Someday, I aspire to be a research scientist and a professor who directs clinical trials for novel therapeutic interventions for human diseases. Additionally, I hope to create outreach programs that will bridge the gap that limits the disadvantaged students from the educational opportunities they deserve. As always, Go Blue!”


2019 Scholarship Winners

 Mia Delano Allison Kolpak Catherine Philpott
“I am so grateful to the UM Club of Denver for this scholarship! As I begin the second year of my Masters of Public Health, I will remember the generosity of UM alumni in my home state that aided me in my pursuit of global health. After graduation, I hope to work at an international organization with a focus on environmental determinants of health in developing countries. Go Blue!” “Thank you so much to the UM Alumni Club of Denver for selecting me to receive this scholarship! I could not be more excited to begin school in just a few weeks. I plan to study political science in the LSA Honors Program, and potentially attend law school in the future. I’m so glad to be part of this great school community. Go Blue!” “Thank you so much to the Alumni Club of Denver for supporting me with this scholarship. It is an honor to be selected. I’m starting my junior year this fall majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.  Knowing that I have the support of the Denver Michigan Alumni Association means so much to me. Go Blue!”
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