U-M Club of Denver: Board Leadership

2020-2021 Board

If you are interested in joining the board or volunteering for any of our many activities, please contact Rachel Firsht. It’s a lot of fun, of course, but we take our responsibilities seriously.

Club Officers

President: Rachel Firsht ’14
Treasurer: Erin Nothwang ’13
Communications Chair: Rachel Firsht ’14 and Erin Nothwang ’13

Committee Chairs and Coordinators

Scholarship Chair: Josh Kweller ’07
Alumni Engagement Chair: Dave Baron ’08
Alumni Engagement Coordinator: Alison Felix ’03, ’07
Community Outreach Chair: Emma Gilchrist ’07, ’09
Student Recruitment Chair:
Watch Party Co-Chairs: Sylvan Gerish ’14 and Jon Dizer
Networking and Prof. Development Chair: Helen Mikelic ’94
Networking and Prof. Development Coordinator:
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Chris Wolohan ’07
Social Media Coordinator: Rachel Firsht ’14

Greater Colorado Representatives

Boulder Representatives: Dennis Glowniak ’69
Colorado Springs Representatives: Adam Woods ’09 and Lisa Fetman ’07
Summit/Eagle County Representative: Dave Domzal ’72


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