U-M Club of Silicon Valley: Club Bylaws

Article One – NAME

The name of this organization is the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Silicon Valley (“UMACSV”).

Article Two – PURPOSES

The UMACSV promotes the following goals, independently of and through cooperation with the University of Michigan (the “University”) and the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (“AAUM”):

a) Foster a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among the graduate, current, and former students of the University.

b) Effect united action in promoting the general welfare of the University as an educational institution.

c ) Award scholarships to current and prospective admitted students of the University in the Silicon Valley area.

d ) Sponsor and support social, educational, and charitable programs and activities for alumni of the University, and their families and friends in the Silicon Valley area.

Article Three – MEMBERSHIP

There shall be two types of members: (i) regular club members; and (ii) associate club members.

Regular club members are those individuals who attended the University and who wish to participate in and further the activities of the UMACSV and who have paid the appropriate dues to the AAUM.

Associate club members are individuals who have not attended the University but who currently have or have had children in attendance at the University, or have shown a vital interest in the University and who wish to participate in and further the activities of the UMACSV and who have paid the appropriate dues to the AAUM.  Associate members are not eligible for election as Directors or Officers, however their rights and responsibilities shall be the same as regular members.


The UMACSV shall be governed by a Board of Officers and Directors (the “Board”).  New Officers and Directors may volunteer for positions opened by the current Board via email, Facebook or Website registration. Volunteers will be reviewed and confirmed by Board vote with a majority of Board members at the Board meeting one month after volunteer registration is received. In addition, new Board members may be nominated by any current Board member and reviewed and confirmed by the Board as a whole. The overall Board will be presented and confirmed at the Annual Meeting in June and additional volunteers may be requested for various committees and positions.

The members of the Board shall be drawn from the membership of the UMACSV, who are members of the AAUM.  The Board shall consist of the following:

a)  Five (5) Officers: President, Vice President, (or Co-Presidents), Secretary, Treasurer and, if applicable, an Immediate Past President, or other designated Director.

b)  Up to Seven (7) Directors which may include: Programs and Events, Fundraising, Membership, Young Alumni, Scholarship and Student Relations, Communications, Community Service or others as deemed appropriate by the Board.

The duties and terms of office are specified in the accompanying Bylaws. If an Officer or Director should resign before his or her term ends or be unable to complete his or her term of office, the President, with concurrence of a majority of the Board, may replace that Officer or Director for the remainder of the unexpired term until the next election, at which time a replacement will be elected by a majority vote of the Board members present.

Article Five – MEETINGS

An Annual Meeting of the Board shall be held in June of each year. All types of members and guests can attend all Board Meetings.  Ideally, the Board will meet once/month.  Additional meetings of the Board may be called when determined to be necessary by the President or a majority of the Board.  Notice of meetings shall  be provided at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting or with best efforts for communication.

Article Six – BYLAWS

The Bylaws shall be adopted for the governance of the UMACSV by a majority of the Board.


The Articles of Association may be amended at any meeting of the Board by a majority vote of the Board members present, as long as specific information about the amendment(s) is presented in writing seven days in advance.  Either the full Board or a committee of Board members appointed by the President(s) shall review the Articles of Association and accompanying Bylaws on an annual basis.



President(s):  The President(s) shall call regular and special meetings of the Board, supervise and coordinate UMACSV activities, and ensure the holding of the Annual meeting.  With a majority vote of the Board, the President(s) may appoint standing or ad hoc committees for the UMACSV and their respective chairpersons.  The President(s) shall complete the UMACSV’s Annual Report for the AAUM.  The President(s) shall be deeply engaged in volunteer identification and recruitment. If a President fails to complete the term of office, the Vice President or co-President shall assume the Presidential responsibilities on an interim basis and a new President shall be elected by the Board at the next Annual meeting.

Vice President:  The Vice President shall serve as Chair on the Nomination Committee, if applicable, preside over the Board meetings in the absence of the President, and coordinate and lead initiatives to identify and recruit volunteers from outside of the Board.  The Vice President shall be responsible for ensuring the term limits described herein are adhered to by the Officers and Directors of the Board. The Vice President shall serve as a resource for the Chairs of Programs, Membership, and Young Alumni and participate in the associated activities as needed.  The vice-President shall keep the Board informed about membership growth and numbers, liaise with AAUM on members and lists. Duties of the Vice-President may be shared or allocated among Co-Presidents.

Secretary:  The Secretary shall give notice of the Board meetings, maintain a record of all UMACSV proceedings, tally votes from the Board, and maintain and circulate the current Articles of Association and Bylaws of the UMACSV. The Secretary shall participate in the associated activities as needed.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall chair a Finance Committee, if applicable, and oversee committee functions, receive all funds paid to the UMACSV and disburse money on properly authorized orders, and oversee the appropriate investment of any substantial balances.  The Treasurer shall prepare a Treasurer’s Report on the status of the Operating and Scholarship funds at the Annual Meeting and all other meetings of the Board called during the fiscal year.  The Treasurer shall serve as a resource for the Chair(s) of Scholarship and Student Relations, and participate in the associated activities as needed.

Past President: The immediate Past President shall serve as a resource for the Board, advise and participate in UMACSV business as needed, and participate on Committees if available.


The UMACSV Directors shall assist the Officers in the administration of the UMACSV.  Directors shall serve as liaisons among the UMACSV leadership, the membership, and community at large. Directorship requires a contribution to the work of UMACSV in one of the following activities: Programs and Events, Membership, Young Alumni, Scholarship and Student Relations, Editor/Web Support and Community Services.  A description for the preceding activities is provided below and may be added to over time:

Programs and Events Chair(s):  The Programs Chair(s) shall plan, arrange, and coordinate programs, services, and events that are focused on engaging alumni and helping them maintain contact with the UMACSV.  The Programs Chair(s) shall work with the UMACSV members on the Programs Committee in establishing financial objectives of the events and programs of the UMACSV.  The Programs Chair(s) shall be responsible for leading the annual Programs/Planning meeting, scheduled annually in July, where the UMACSV establishes events for the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).  The Programs Chair(s) shall work with the Contributing Editor/Web Support to ensure that upcoming events are posted and communicated in a timely manner.  The Programming Chair(s) shall be responsible for ensuring informal feedback is collected from event participants to solicit candid and constructive criticism, advice, and comments regarding the UMACSV programs.  The Chair(s) of Programs are required to attend all UMACSV events or secure designates to attend in their place.  The Programs Chair(s) shall assist the Presidents(s), Vice President in volunteer identification and recruitment.

Scholarship and Student Relations Chair (s): The Scholarship and Student Relations Chair shall administer the scholarship program for the UMACSV as well as any club activities relating to currently enrolled students at the University of Michigan from the Silicon Valley region.  For scholarships, the chair shall plan, arrange and coordinate the scholarship application, review and disbursement activities of the annual UMACSV student scholarship.  The chair will also be working with other officers and directors on fundraising for the scholarship accounts by soliciting donations and encouraging  UMACSV events to generate revenue for the scholarship.  The Chair may be a liaison to local ASR’s (alumni student recruiters) and encourage currently enrolled students to participate in UMACSV events and activities.  The Scholarship and Student Relations Chair shall be responsible for leading the Scholarship and Student Relations Committee along with the Treasurer.


Fundraising: TBD The fundraising Chair will provide overall guidance and steering for UMASCV fundraising events and programs. Working with AAUM and the Club Treasurer, Scholarships Chair, Programs Chair and other Board members, the fundraising Chair will provide a development plan to set and attain fundraising goals for the club.


Membership: TBD The Membership chair will work closely with Communications, Social Media and Programs Chairs to develop an outreach strategy that will encourage and sustain membership in AAUM to further develop the UMASCV membership locally.


Young Alumni Chair(s):  The Young Alumni Chair(s) shall periodically review and amend as necessary the definition of a “young alumni,” which is currently defined by date of graduation.  The Young Alumni Chair(s) shall assist in the development of UMACSV programs and services focused on engaging young alumni in club activities. The Young Alumni Chair(s) shall act as a liaison between the young alumni and the Board, as the single point of contact for initiating and responding  to young alumni communications.  The Young Alumni Chair(s) shall keep the Board informed of events and programs suggested by young alumni.  The Young Alumni Chair(s) shall assist in volunteer identification and recruitment for young alumni events and events involving local high school students, along with the Scholarship Chair.

Communications:  The Communications Chair (s) shall coordinate, review, and supply communications to all members through use of, but not limited to, TrueBlue, the Web site:  (http://www.umclubs.com/siliconvalley), e-mail, and supplemental mailings.  The Communications Chair shall coordinate the mailings of all supplemental fliers from the UMACSV.  Officers of the club may serve as editors if desired. In addition, in coordination with AAUM,  the Communications Chair shall assign or may serve as a designated representative (“Web Support”) to receive password-protected access to the UMACSV Web site (www.umclubs.com/siliconvalley) to manage and update the content of the UMASCV website on a regular basis and as requested by the Board.

Social Media Chair: The Social Media Chair shall ensure that the club’s mission and brand will be properly maintained and communicated across all relevant social media channels through the development and execution of a social media strategy for club. Achieved through close collaboration with the Communications Chair, the Social Media Chair will draft and post messaging before and after events, develop and grow the club’s audience, and explore new, relevant social networks that could be of value. The Social Media Chair will also collaborate with the Alumni Association overall to ensure all channels and profiles fully align with the brand guidelines established by AAUM overall.


UMACSV Officers are elected for a two (2) year term and may be reelected for one (2) additional term for a total of four (4) consecutive years of service in a single office. Officers may serve in other capacities as Directors or Chairs as appropriate.


A quorum for the Board shall consist of a minimum of four (4) Board members with at least two (2) Officers in attendance.  Action by the Board must be by a majority of the quorum.

Section Four – COMMITTEES

UMACSV may have up to four Standing Committees:

(a) Finance Committee

(b) Scholarship & Student Relations Committee

(c) Programs Committee

In the absence of sufficient volunteers to staff the committees, the Board may choose to function in their place. Volunteers, Board members and Directors may be assigned to these committees with their consent.  The Board President(s), with the majority vote of the Board, may add standing or ad hoc committees. The Chair(s) for each committee shall be responsible for submitting financial goals in writing to the Treasurer throughout each fiscal year.  Said financial goals are to be reviewed and rejected, accepted, or accepted with modifications by the Board. Expenses from the committees shall be submitted to the Treasurer for approval and payment.

A. The Finance Committee

The Treasurer shall chair this Committee.  The duties of this Committee shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) Provide recommendations and guidance on investing the UMACSV’s operating and scholarship funds; and

(2) Recommend the monies allocated to scholarship awards for each fiscal year during the March Board Meeting.

B. The Scholarship & Student Relations Committee

The Scholarship and Student Relations Chair(s), with the guidance of the Treasurer, shall oversee the functions of this Committee.  The duties of this Committee shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) Develop, communicate, receive and review scholarship applications from candidates in the Silicon Valley area and recommend to the Board the number of scholarships to award.

(2) Select candidates to receive awards from the scholarship fund and present those candidates to the Board.

(3) Disseminate information regarding the University to prospective students, if applicable.

C. Programs Committee

The Programs Committee shall meet to plan events for the UMACSV. The Programs Committee shall ensure
that regular and associate members are notified of events and encouraged to attend.  This committee’s members are encouraged to attend events; at least one representative of the committee shall be present at all UMACSV events. The Vice President or Co-Presidents will serve as a resource for this Committee.


The Annual Meeting of the Board shall be held at specified date, time, and location in June each year as the Board or President(s) may designate with proper notice being sent to all members at least seven (7) days before the meeting.  Any member in good standing may attend.  Such notice shall include the slate or current staffing of Officers and Directors, with openings for new positions noted in the communication.

Section Six – RULES OF ORDER

Roberts Rules of Order, or any other set of Rules of Order duly adopted by a majority of the Board, shall govern parliamentary procedure in the UMACSV meetings.


A majority vote by the Board is required to amend the Bylaws.

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