U-M Club of Sarasota | Manatee: President’s Letter

On behalf of the University of Michigan Club of Sarasota | Manatee, I want to invite you to join our Club. Remember, our club is not limited to alumni but is open to all supporters of U-M. There are no membership fees for our local chapter because our events are usually priced to break even (e.g. Meet & Greet, luncheons, theatre events, polo match, spring training baseball games, etc.).

We’ve scheduled another exciting year of activities that keep us in touch with our members. These events provide opportunities that allow you to meet many others who share your enthusiasm for the U-M.  They also allow you to create new friendships and socialize with others who can share similar memories of Michigan traditions. As a member, you will experience things that the average person cannot (e.g. behind-the-scenes tours of special places, reduced rates for events, learning from guest speakers, etc.).

You’ll have the opportunity to become a member of the larger family of Michigan alumni and supporters, benefiting from that connection and having a share in the larger good that Michigan is trying to provide across the globe.

So, I invite you to join us. Please review the Planning Calendar for information regarding our events.

If you’re not already receiving our emails, complete the Alumni Information Update (or call 800-847-4764) so you can stay connected.  If you already receive our emails, please participate.



Keith Davey, President

U-M Club of Sarasota | Manatee

[email protected]



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