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U-M Club of Sacramento: Get Involved

Help Us Lead Our Sacramento Alumni Club!

A brief summary of board position responsibilities is listed below. The full Articles and Bylaws for the club can be found either on our website or the AAUM website.


  • Supervising and coordinating activities
  • Calling and presiding over meetings
  • Serving as principle liaison with the University, the Alumni Association and other organizations
  • Approval of all communications sent on behalf of the club

First Vice President

  • Presiding over meetings in the absence of the President
  • Assuming the duties of the President in his/her absence or inability to complete his/her term
  • Second Vice President
  • Assume duties of the First Vice President in his/her absence or if unable to complete his/her term


  • Taking and distributing meeting minutes at Board and special meetings
  • Tallying votes from the Board and general membership
  • Maintaining the current Articles of Association, Bylaws and Addendums
  • Preparing all appropriate correspondence


  • Preparing an annual budget based on input from the board
  • Preparing Treasurer’s reports of operating funds
  • Receiving, disbursing, and transferring all funds paid to or by the club
  • Maintaining the permanent record of all financial matters
  • Preparing a final report for the prior fiscal year
  • Assisting in preparation of event-based budgets and related record keeping

Directory at Large

  • Serving as a liaison
  • Representing the diverse interests of the general membership
  • Assisting in the administration of the club

Please consider becoming a Board Member and help keep our Sacramento Club active and viable

Thank You!

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