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U-M Club of Sacramento: Board Leadership

2019 Slate of Officers

We thank all of the listed Board Members for being willing to take on a leadership role in our organization. It is greatly appreciated. GO BLUE!

Local Alumni Club Board Members
Role Name
President Bill Krycia
1st Vice President Kristin Blake
2nd Vice President Carol Mills
Secretary Patrick Veasy
Treasurer Joan Klein
Board Member at Large John Pasamonte / Louis Mirante / Larry Cheatham
Board Member at Large Zaidee Anderson / Shirley Rosenberg
Past President Brenda Kidd
Webmaster Marc Schiff
Student Recruitment Maria Ness

Please consider participating in some event leadership roles and becoming a future board member and officer. Two year term limits are recommended and we need new people to help fill the positions. As long as we have a team in place, the workload is very manageable. Let us know if you are interested and please join us at an upcoming open board meeting. Thanks!

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