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U-M Club of Philadelphia: Board Leadership

Members of the Philadelphia Club Board are:

          Ben Wanger – [email protected]

Vice President
          Todd Schoenhaus – [email protected]

          G. Peter Vander Heide – [email protected]

          Margie Picone – [email protected]

Other Board Members
          Mat Warner – [email protected]
          Andrea Hyslop – [email protected]
          Bilal Ezzeddine – [email protected]
          Jessica Wuebker – [email protected]
          Mike Murphy – [email protected]
          Scott Oberlander – [email protected]
          Jason Bloom – [email protected]
          Jayne White – [email protected]

Scholarship/Fundraising Coordinator
          Gary Cohen – [email protected]

Alumni Student Recruiting Coordinator
          Alan Woronoff – [email protected]

Programming Chairperson
          Job Itzkowitz – [email protected]

         Robert Melton – [email protected]

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