U-M Club of Hilton Head: About

The UM Club of Hilton Head|Beaufort County was founded in the 1980s to bring together local alumni to support  students in local schools who select to attend the University of Michigan with scholarships, and for camaraderie and fellowship, including watching a World Class Football Team on the gridiron.  Since then, the club has expanded into volunteer and community service opportunities.

For more information, contact the club’s Leadership Team at [email protected]

From our Bylaws: “The purpose of the Club shall be to foster a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among friends of The University of Michigan as well as current and former students of The University of Michigan; to promote the general welfare of the University as an educational institution; to act as liaison between prospective students of the University in schools in Beaufort County and students of the University; to award scholarships to current and newly admitted students of the University in Beaufort County; and to sponsor and support social, educational and charitable programs and activities for alumni of the University and their families and friends residing in Beaufort County.”

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