U-M Club of Grand Rapids: Scholarship Winners

New Recipients for the 2022 School Year:

Daniel Armas – Unity Christian

Anabel Sosa – City High/Middle

Meg Strand – City High/Middle

Teresa Lin – City High/Middle

Ashley Box – City High/Middle

Rheadawn Marasigan – Kelloggsville

Makayla Nesbitt – Kelloggsville

Hailey Clack – Jenison

Anna Richmond – West Catholic

Logan Thomsen – Allendale

Garv Patel – Allendale

Anika Deshpande – Forest Hills Eastern

Palak Rekhani – Forest Hills Northern

James “Finn” Johnson – East Grand Rapids

Luke Dykstra – East Grand Rapids

Brett Mehling – Rockford

Alan Vellenga – Grandville

Carlie Peterman – Greenville

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