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U-M Club of Central Ohio: Scholarship Information

Great news for supporters of the University of Michigan!  Your contributions to the Central Ohio scholarship fund mean even more going forward!  Beginning in 2015, the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Central Ohio established a permanent endowed scholarship with the University, and all funds contributed toward the scholarship are invested by the University in a fund that grows over time. The endowment is named for our Central Ohio Alumni Club, which solidifies the connection we have with the University and our student scholarship recipient.  If you’d like to donate directly to this fund click here.

With the endowed scholarship, the Club has reached its initial goal of increasing our scholarship award to each scholarship recipient to $2,500 annually, or $10,000 over 4 years! Prior to this, the Club awarded a one-time $2,000 scholarship to one student.

Please consider helping us grow the fund! The more we grow the fund, the more money we can award to each student and/or extend aid to additional students.  Our next goal is to raise $500,000 by April 2020 – our Drive for 500!  This will allow us to offer each scholarship winner an annual scholarship of $6,500 per year for four years!

Contributing to the Central Ohio Alumni Club endowment is your way to make sure your dollars go towards a worthy Central Ohio student attending U-M!!!

In just under five years, the endowed scholarship now has over $465,000 in donations and pledges!

The University of Michigan Alumni Club of Central Ohio would like to thank and recognize all of its generous donors to its student endowment scholarship:

Founding Donors

  • Andy & Cheryl Chapekis
  • Matthew Stout (Past President)
  • Anonymous

Champions Donors ($100,000+)

  • The Michael & Denise Glimcher Family Foundation

Leaders Donors ($50,000+)

  • Gary & Barb Giller

Best Donors ($25,000+)

  • Andy & Cheryl Chapekis
  • Matthew Stout (Past President)
  • Anonymous
  • James Merkel

Maize Donors ($10,000+)

Blue Donors ($5,000+)

  • Sam & Melissa Fata
  • Bradley & Lisa Paskievitch

Victors Donors (All Other Donors)

  • Lynn & Scott Goldberg
  • Susan Van Der Weele
  • Anonymous, In Memory of Roger Lady
  • Anthony Goh
  • Douglas Anderson
  • Maryjane Persons
  • Keith DeMaggio
  • Randy Dean
  • Jennifer Slate
  • Ronda Leach
  • James Blazer
  • William Wright
  • Gordon Johnston
  • E. Ann Gabriel
  • Gerald & Ann Newsom
  • Susan Benes
  • Corinne Ailes
  • Michael Manley
  • Jonathan Fritz
  • Galpern-Mendelson Family Foundation
  • Leslie Rosen
  • Marianne Nelson Custer
  • Franz & Heather Geiger (Past President)
  • Roger & Susan Whitaker
  • Patricia & Gregory Huddle
  • Karen Hockstad
  • Melissa Englund
  • Susan Kownacki
  • Patricia Harmon & Geoffrey Fallon
  • Michael & Deborah Manley
  • Louis Mathys
  • Maryjane Persons
  • Lindsay Spoerl
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