U-M Club of Central Ohio: Scholarship Information


The 2024 scholarship is now open for eligible applicants. APPLY HERE. The deadline for submitting your application is MONDAY, APRIL 8.


Great news for supporters of the University of Michigan! Your contributions to the Central Ohio scholarship fund mean even more going forward! Beginning in 2015, the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Central Ohio established a permanent endowed scholarship with the University, and all funds contributed toward the scholarship are invested by the University in a fund that grows over time. The endowment is named for our Central Ohio Alumni Club, which solidifies the connection we have with the University and our student scholarship recipient. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation directly to this fund click here.

Starting with 2024/2025 new recipients of our club scholarship will receive $10,000 per academic year. Prior to this, the Club previously awarded $5,000 annually to one student. When the endowment was established originally, the award was a one-time payment of $2,000. Your support has enabled the Club to expand our level of support to the deserving student!

Please consider helping us grow the fund! Our next goal is to raise $1,000,000 by April 2026 – as we achieve momentum toward our $1 million goal, this will allow us to offer each recipient a larger award, or establish additional scholarships.

Contributing to the Central Ohio Alumni Club endowment is your way to make sure your dollars go towards a worthy Central Ohio student attending U-M!!!

In just under 7 years, the endowed scholarship now has over $550,000 in donations and pledges, and a market value of over $750,000!

The University of Michigan Alumni Club of Central Ohio would like to thank and recognize all of our generous donors to our endowed student scholarship! Thanks to your support, our Club Scholarship has been instrumental in helping our awardees reduce the cost of attendance in order to attend Michigan. Please see a video from this year’s winner – Maitland Neff – explaining what the scholarship means to him.

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