U-M Club of Central Ohio: General Information

U-M Club of Central Ohio President’s Welcome

Thank you for being part of our U-M alumni network here in the enemy territory of Central Ohio. We have roughly 2,500 alums in this region, with hundreds more supporters of our great school. So whether you faithfully attend all of our events, or are still looking for the right opportunity to attend your first, you are connected to the rest of us out here, and all of the club’s board members appreciate your interest and involvement.

As the President of our local U-M Alumni Club, I want to make it clear that I consider all of you to be members. In fact, if you’re a University of Michigan graduate, current student, parent or fan, and you find yourself in the Central Ohio area for any length of time, then you’re a “member” of our club, and welcome to attend any and all of our events.

With that being said, there is a distinction to be made. Our local club is an affiliate of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (“AAUM”). We rely on the national Association for our legal status, a great deal of our communication infrastructure and for most of our finances. In terms of finances, our income is based on the number of Alumni Association members we have in the area.

So while we’re here to serve all of you, and you all enrich our network by being part of it, I think of our AAUM members as our “contributing members.” Whether you’re a lifetime member, or someone who renews your membership annually, or every 3 – 5 years, you provide the necessary resources to make our local club as great as it is, and so all of you get an extra “Thanks!” from me and our other board members for your contributions.

If you’re not yet a member, then you have an opportunity to make our club even stronger by joining today! In addition to all the other benefits of membership (including discounts on local club events that require paid registration) you’ll get that warm feeling of knowing you’re not just part of the Michigan network, you’re a member who’s actively contributing to increasing the strength and reach of that network.

Additionally, and for a limited time, using the promo code of “Unite” when you enroll will further increase the funds coming back to our local operations, and will allow the Central Ohio club to further enhance the quality of our local programming.

So I encourage all of you to stay involved with our local U-M Alumni Club. There’s often a natural ebb and flow to alumni participation in local clubs, depending on other events going on in people’s lives, and that’s only natural. Just remember that, no matter what’s going on in your life at the moment, there’s only one organization that’s working tirelessly, year in and year out, to maintain and strengthen the reach and quality of our U-M Alumni network, and that’s the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan. So, if you’re not already a “contributing member,” then join today!

Go Blue!

Bradley Paskievitch

President, University of Michigan Alumni Club of Central Ohio

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