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Camp Michigania Walloon

Our Camp Michigania Walloon location provide Alumni Association members and their families unique, private settings for educational and recreational experiences, on top of promoting connections between current and future alumni. Situated on the shores of beautiful Walloon Lake in northern Michigan near Petoskey, this original Michigania site has been a sought-after destination for University of Michigan families since 1961. Michigania Walloon hosts summerfall and winter programs.

University faculty often lead on-site discussions, and there are always organized outdoor activities to take part in. Singles, couples and families are all welcome! Registration for summer 2016 in now open.  Visit our register for camp page to submit an application. 

Camp Michigania

As the popularity of this camp has grown, additional cabins have been built and the summer season has been extended to accommodate approximately 100 families each week. Check out our photo gallery to see what type of fun lays ahead for your alumni family!

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Camp Michigania is always striving to have a positive environmental impact! Whether it be reducing waste, recycling, or increasing energy efficiency, Michigania is taking active steps to make the world a greener place. When you visit, see how Michigania is becoming a northern Michigan leader in renewable energy conversion!