Tour Operators

Selecting a tour operator is a detailed and complex vetting process. The operators are required to meet several standards in accordance with University and Alumni Association policies and procedures before being added to our roster. Over the years, we’ve tried many operators who have not lasted, but we are confident and believe in the quality of our current lineup.

Operator Land Tour Cruise TourOcean CruiseRiver CruiseActivity LevelShared DeparturesExclusive Departures (30 people or less)Single SupplementAverage Trip Duration
AHI3*11 days
Bschool Travel38 days
Corporate Travel Service39 days
Go Next3*12 days
Gohagan & Co.1*12 days
Holbrook310 days
Odysseys Unlimited515 days
Orbridge39 days
Poseidon Expeditions311 days
Premier World Discovery36 days
Sports & Entertainment Travel (SET)3*4 days
WWII Museum3*12 days

*Asterisk indicates special circumstances or only applicable to some trips.

Activity Levels*

When picking a tour operator, please keep in mind what activity level best suits your needs.

1 – Leisurely: Participants should be able to walk at least 1 mile on mainly flat terrain, navigate under 50 stairs, and be able to stand for 1-2 hours.

3 – Moderate: These trips require an ability to walk safely over uneven and slippery ground without assistance, transport luggage a short distance, get in and out of a 4×4 vehicle, and physically tolerate vehicle motion on sometimes bumpy roads. For example, participants should be able to walk at least 3-4 hours over some uneven and potentially slippery surfaces without difficulty and should be able to ascend or descend 50 stairs consecutively. Physical activities can typically last for at least 3-4 hours at a time.

5 – Active: These programs are designed for people who are in good or excellent health and can comfortably participate in a demanding daily schedule of physical activities. The itinerary may feature full days of ongoing activities. For example, participants should be able to ascend or descend 100 or more stairs consecutively, plus walk for at least 5-7 hours over some steep slopes and uneven and potentially slippery surfaces without difficulty. Physical activities can typically last for 5 or more hours at a time.

*Activity levels are generalized. Individual trips with each tour operator may vary.

Learn More About Each Operator

AHI (800.492.8155) – Chicago, Illinois

One of the first tour operators the Alumni Association paired with over 50 years ago! AHI offers more leisurely activities and free time for our travelers. Enjoy a variety of trips from cruising to land tours. Take in the sights of the Dutch waterways or revel at the scenery and cuisine in undiscovered France. Visit AHI’s website to learn more.

Bschool Travel

Two Michigan Ross graduates who initially started planning trips for MBA grads. They have grown quickly to include other organizations. Bschool offers affordable and authentic travel experiences each tailor-made for every group. 2021 will be the first year Michigan Alumni Travel has paired with Bschool Travel.

Corporate Travel Service – Northville, Michigan

Based in Northville, Michigan, and family-owned, everybody on the executive team of Corporate Travel is a Michigan alum! They offer custom and luxurious tours to satiate your curiosities with exclusive access to behind-the-scenes experiences.

Go Next (800.842.9023) – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Michigan Alumni Travel first paired with Go Next in 2008. They will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2022! Go Next is the booking agent for Oceania cruises. They offer an affordable cruise experience aboard smaller cruise ships. Board one of their cruises to see Japan in bloom during the spring or explore the coastal cities from Athens to Venice on the Aegean Glories. Visit Go Next’s website to learn more.

Gohagan & Co. (866.446.2583) – Chicago, Illinois

Family-owned and operated for over 35 years! Gohagan & Co. offers small boat luxury cruising and pairs with the prominent Ponant cruise line. Cruise around the Italian Lakes or take a great journey through Europe. Sit back and relax on one of their lavish sun decks and indulge yourself in Tahiti.

Holbrook – Gainesville, Florida

Holbrook is a second-generation, female-owned company. They are passionate and committed to supporting the areas in which they travel to preserve the environment. Get to know Holbrook through their exclusive land tours built just for Michigan alums. Michigan Alumni Travel first paired with Holbrook in 2021.

Odysseys Unlimited (888.370.6765) – Newton, Massachusetts

Get your heart pumping with Odysseys Unlimited in their active land tours. Each Odysseys trip is packed with unforgettable experiences. They offer extended land tours to alumni who are looking for a longer getaway, and our tours with them are always exclusive, indicating the participants are U-M travelers, consisting of alumni, family, and friends. Take a gander at exploring Australia and New Zealand or scale the mountainside for our Machu Picchu-to-the-Galapagos tour.

Orbridge (866.639.0079) – Bainbridge Island, Washington

Orbridge is owned and operated by a Michigan alum, Jim Staples, ’91. Jim has worked with U-M since joining the travel industry in 1995. Michigan Alumni Travel has paired with Orbridge since 2008. As Jim puts it, “Wolverines are superb guests with great spirit, curiosity and have proven to be intrepid travelers.” They offer land and cruise programs and provide excellent customer service to fit everyone’s needs. See the wonders of the Galapagos Islands or view the breathtaking scenery of stunning Scotland! Visit Orbridge’s website to learn more.

Poseidon Expeditions (347.801.2610, – Limassol, Cyprus

Michigan Alumni Travel first paired with Poseidon in 2021. They offer exceptional expedition-style programming. Explore to your heart’s content with Poseidon’s exhilarating boat tours!

Premier World Discovery – Redondo Beach, California

Located in Redondo Beach, California. Premier is a leader of domestic travel in the United States! They also provide world tours as well. Their affordable trips often include airfare. Premier recommends their train trips as another type of tour for our alums to enjoy. Hop on our Great Trains and Grand Canyons trip for some incredible views.

Sports and Entertainment Travel (844.438.8738) – Indianapolis, Indiana

SET is the sister company of Orbridge. They are dedicated to giving you exclusive access to all things sports. Their quick trips are a great way to escape for a short getaway. Join them for The Masters, Albuquerque Balloon Festival, the US Open, and much more.

WWII Museum – New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in New Orleans, Michigan Alumni Travel paired with WWII Museum in 2015. Their name is suiting since they offer tours solely focused on WWII. WWII provides unique perspectives relating to war and includes special individuals in their programs. For example, travelers may meet actors from the HBO TV show Band of Brothers or an author from a book dedicated to WWII.