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Trips of a Lifetime

What trips have been life-changing for you?
By Carrie Fediuk


Read time: 2 minutes

I often get asked one question on a regular basis: “What is your favorite trip?” Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It isn’t! I often tell people it is the last trip I’ve been on.

There are a few, however, that have been life-changing and I would highly recommend:

Egypt: What can I say? The Pyramids, Sphinx, culture, food, history — and not to mention, the mummies — are fascinating. The culture is so exotic from what we experience in the U.S. Even Europe, for that matter. You have to see and experience this country to believe it.

Tanzania: I’ve been to Tanzania, and this destination was life-changing. The wildlife alone is a can’t-miss experience and should be on your bucket list. Hearing the elephant’s ears flap, the gracefulness of a giraffe moving across the land, and seeing lions stalk prey is an experience you have to see to believe. The food and warm hospitality of its people round out this expansive country.

Morocco: In the No. 3 spot, I would list Turkey, but since its travel warning is too high to travel, I think Morocco is a good alternative and very similar in many ways. The Sahara Desert, beautiful mosques, lush gardens, vibrant spices, and colorful pottery are just a few of the many experiences that can delight the senses.

These three destinations need to be experienced. They open your eyes to a new culture and shift your perspective about our world and its people. Stepping outside your comfort zone also can break down barriers and help you learn and grow as an individual. I highly recommend visiting any one of these great destinations.

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