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Travel Toolbox: Sound Machine

A must-have item for any light sleeper.
By Carrie Fediuk


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Many of our travelers ask for insight about various aspects of our trips. Collectively, our team has traveled to many destinations around the world and can provide personal experiences. While most inquiries focus on activity, best cabins on a ship, or what to pack, we also get unusual questions. Recently, one traveler called and noted she was a light sleeper and was concerned about sleeping conditions in Tanzania.

Our Tanzania Adventure trip has guests staying in quality hotels that are quiet and comfortable. However, on a Tanzania trip I participated in, we stayed in a luxury tent where there was no soundproofing. You could hear the sounds of nature out in the bush! Regardless of where you travel or stay, it can be difficult to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings and sleep soundly. This is common among many, especially when traveling. I know it is for me.

One suggestion: Purchase a sound machine. There are many out there, like this one on Amazon, which is geared for a baby but is inexpensive, packable, and runs on batteries. It would work great in a hotel room — or a luxury tent.

I just placed my order. This is now part of my travel toolbox.

Tell us what’s in your travel toolbox. We would like to feature your tips in a future post.

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