Camaraderie a Key Factor in Group Travel

Traveling with Michigan alumni is amazing.
By Carrie Fediuk


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We have three members on the Michigan Alumni Travel team, and between us, we have hosted a number of trips over the years. I can say, without a doubt, that we all agree on one point: Camaraderie is key in group travel.

I have to be honest… in the 10 years I have been involved with alumni travelers, no one has called me to inquire about the camaraderie. But they should. Destination is No. 1, and the Michigan brand ranks right up there in terms of a purchase decision. Camaraderie, in my opinion, should rank No. 3, and it is the most invaluable.

Traveling with Michigan alumni is amazing. Our alumni are, in many ways, like-minded. You have insatiable appetites to learn and have a common thread in that you called Michigan home at some point in your life. You have a passion to travel, and you savor every place you visit — whether it is savoring the culture, food, or art. I have traveled along with other alumni groups, and the Michigan bond is truly unique.

Every trip I have participated in, alumni are amazed at the camaraderie, and it is what brings them back to travel with us again. It becomes the No. 1 decision-maker. Along with faculty hosts, it is one of the hallmarks of our program. Some of our travelers continue to travel together once they experience what it is like to be a part of the Michigan travel “tribe.”

Camaraderie is hard to explain. It is difficult to articulate and hard to find just the right photo that conveys the experience. Give it a try, and take part in one of our adventures. See for yourself, and See the World with Blue.

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