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A New Way to Travel

How to explore the world — digitally.
By Carrie Fediuk


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Due to COVID-19, alumni all over the world are staying at home to social distance and mitigate the spread of the pandemic. But even though families and new and seasoned travelers are confined to their homes, it doesn’t mean they can’t satisfy their wanderlust digitally.

Michigan Alumni Travel is here to provide alumni with unique access to destinations and experiences around the world. In the face of this new reality, we have curated a series of virtual tours for you. From museums to World Heritage Sites to parks and the great outdoors, these virtual tours take you from your couch to choice destinations.

Museums: Even though museums are closed, you can still tour their galleries and explore their collections around the world. Check out the following museums without the crowds.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Explore a variety of breathtaking and inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Sites all over the world.

The Great Outdoors: Explore beyond your backyard with these virtual tours of the great outdoors.

Virtual Walking Tours – Street Art: Learn about the significance and subculture of street art by experiencing a new approach to the traditional museum.

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