Michigan Alumni-Owned Small Businesses

In an effort to support Michigan alumni who are small business owners during these uncertain times, we have created a directory of alumni-owned small businesses. Each listing contains information on the alumni-owned small business and how you can support your fellow Wolverines.

Note: Listings on this page do not represent an endorsement by the Alumni Association, nor will any financial support be provided by the Alumni Association. All businesses and listings are subject to review and posted at the discretion of the Alumni Association. See FAQ at end of page for more information.

Last updated: Sept. 20, 2022. Submissions will be reviewed — and the page updated — on a weekly basis.

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Stephen Ball, '06
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Submissions will be reviewed — and the page updated — on a weekly basis.

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Alumni Small Business Community

Want to connect with fellow alumni small-business owners? Thinking about purchasing a business or maybe investing in a franchise? Join the Alumni Small Business Community to connect with alumni with similar interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a small business?
A small business is defined as an independently owned and operated company that is limited in size and revenue depending on the industry.

Does the business have to be owned by a Michigan alum to qualify?
Yes. While we’d like to support all businesses, this resource is intended to allow Michigan alumni the opportunity to support their fellow Wolverines. (For a list of downtown Ann Arbor businesses and how you can support them, visit the Main Street Area Association’s website.)

Why aren’t submissions automatically added to the page?
Before we post a business, we will verify that it is, in fact, owned by a Michigan alum. Also, in accordance with University of Michigan policy, we will verify that businesses are consistent with the fundamental missions of the University and not in conflict with the brand of the University.

Is the Alumni Association providing financial support to businesses on this page?
No, this is simply a list of businesses. The Alumni Association is not providing financial assistance to specific businesses.


Use of the U-M name and/or registered trademarks by businesses is generally prohibited. Also, please note that the Alumni Association logo, the Block M, and other U-M registered trademarks may not be used by external companies without permission.