Michigan Alumni-Owned Small Businesses

In an effort to support Michigan alumni who are small business owners during these uncertain times, we have created a directory of alumni-owned small businesses. Each listing contains information on the alumni-owned small business and how you can support your fellow Wolverines.

Note: Listings on this page do not represent an endorsement by the Alumni Association, nor will any financial support be provided by the Alumni Association. All businesses and listings are subject to review and posted at the discretion of the Alumni Association. See FAQ at end of page for more information.

Last updated: May 20, 2020. Submissions will be reviewed — and the page updated — on a weekly basis.

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Lyndsay Johnson, '02
Ann Arbor
United States

Design and marketing agency specializing in WordPress websites, paid and organic digital marketing campaigns, and graphic design.

How to support: Visit our website and consult with our company as a potential design and marketing vendor.

Mira and Mark Halpert, '76
Boca Raton
United States

23 years of experience helping smart, struggling students succeed. Online hands-on education for students to achieve success in months, not years! Engaging and interactive.

How to support: Share with friends who are struggling to help their kids succeed — 3dlearner.com or call 561.361.7495. Can help kids K-12 improve reading comprehension, processing, and executive function skills and train parents! We are here to help!

Christopher Butler, '95
United States

Founded in 1939, the Academy Tavern is one of the oldest bar/restaurant establishments in Ohio! The one place in the state where ALL Wolverine games are featured on the TVs!

How to support: Come and visit when traveling to, or living in, the Cleveland area! We LOVE Michigan alumni and often discount our Wolverine guests (10% Maize n Blue Discount). Check us out: Academy Tavern on Larchmere.

William McNeil, '95
United States

We help banks optimize their sales teams by providing sales process development, data analysis, and CRM deployment.

How to support: Connect on LinkedIn. William A. McNeil, J.D.

Liam O'Sullivan, '15
New York
New York
United States

We provide general contracting and construction management services in Manhattan and the outer boroughs. We specialize in interior commercial, residential, educational, and governmental buildouts.

How to support: Pass along our contact information to anyone in need of any construction work in New York City. We do everything from single to multi-floor office buildouts, selective demolition and renovation/upgrades, high-end design-build work, minor repairs and service work, and anything else a business or individual would need in terms of construction-related services.

Jill Mattos, '88
United States

Independent college counselor who provides guidance to high school students and their parents in navigating the college search and application process.

How to support: Promote my Facebook page!

Cynthia Alvarez, '04
San Fernando
United States

Alvarez Fine Art Studio provides weekly drawing and painting classes for kids, teens, and adults as well as Painting Parties for any age and occasion.

How to support: Enroll in weekly classes. Reserve Painting Parties. Follow Instagram/Facebook pages.

Matt Hoffman, '00
Ann Arbor
United States

Healthcare consulting company that helps to optimize the clinical, financial, and operational functions of behavioral health organizations by leveraging technology.

How to support: Provide referrals to healthcare providers that could potentially need support both during COVID-19 and in the future.

Denis Guimaraes, '15
São Paulo

AGPR provides services of law practice, policy consulting, and advocacy to foreign and Brazilian companies, executives, business associations, economic consulting firms, law firms, and government bodies.

How to support: Get to know my business and do what you can to recommend it. We thank you for supporting us and developing countries’ policy improvement.

Alejandro Bargallo, '07
Mexico City

Facilitate working teams integration, increasing their productivity and leadership methodologies through playful and fun activities. We are merging to online servicing.

How to support: We offer standard and tailor-made live and online workshops, both in English and Spanish. Send us an email (eacesa19@gmail.com) and we can schedule a consulting call free of charge.

Alan Winkley, '68
United States

I design boats, barges, small ships. Mostly commercial craft. Also engineering for modifications to existing vessels.

How to support: I welcome inquiries from potential clients.

Andre Sandifer, '01
United States

Furniture design.

How to support: Email.

Jody Madaras, '93
United States

My small business is a theatrical production company that produces the national tour and Branson productions of THE ALL HANDS ON DECK! SHOW, America’s Favorite WWII Big Band Roadshow-Radio Broadcast.

How to support: Three best ways to support us: 1) Cash donations to help pay office bills and payroll, 2) book our production in your hometown, 3) help spread the word to theatres and PACs letting them know that our patriotic musical show exists.

Kelly Parkinson, '89
United States

Business communication, printing, direct mail, signage, floor decals, vehicle graphics, yard signs, trinkets, graphic design. Locally owned and operated by a proud U-M graduate!

How to support: Buy local! Avoid online suppliers. We actually produce the work in Saline, Michigan, with skilled tradespeople who love their jobs. Easy to plan projects via phone, Zoom, or safely in person.

Alison Peak, '10
United States

ABHS is a team of 22 staff who provide counseling and ABA across Tennessee. We specialize in early childhood trauma work and serving children and families in the child welfare system.

How to support: Follow our social media! Exposure leads to referrals for us, which allows us to keep our staff on payroll. Specifically, if you are an alum in East Tennessee and would have an option to collaborate, reach out. We partner with schools in this area, and our staff have been particularly impacted.

Allison Harrison, '07
United States

Boutique law firm dedicated to supporting small businesses.

How to support: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Allison MacDuffee, '04

Experienced writer and scholar. Will write articles on all aspects of historical and contemporary art. I also give illustrated lectures (live or online) for community groups.

How to support: Please follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter. Peek at one or two of my articles to see what I do. The online ones are listed in my LinkedIn profile. Then I would be honored if you would mention me to your editor friends. Thanks!

Christopher Cortez, '96
Los Angeles
United States

Neighborhood card and board games, toys and collectibles, comic book shop. Holding game nights, card-game tournaments, book signings, and art events.

How to support: Gift cards. Promote the business on social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a small business?
A small business is defined as an independently owned and operated company that is limited in size and revenue depending on the industry.

Does the business have to be owned by a Michigan alum to qualify?
Yes. While we’d like to support all businesses, this resource is intended to allow Michigan alumni the opportunity to support their fellow Wolverines. (For a list of downtown Ann Arbor businesses and how you can support them, visit the Main Street Area Association’s website.)

Why aren’t submissions automatically added to the page?
Before we post a business, we will verify that it is, in fact, owned by a Michigan alum. Also, in accordance with University of Michigan policy, we will verify that businesses are consistent with the fundamental missions of the University and not in conflict with the brand of the University.

Is the Alumni Association providing financial support to businesses on this page?
No, this is simply a list of businesses. The Alumni Association is not providing financial assistance to specific businesses.


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