Scholarship During the Pandemic

U-M faculty comment on how COVID-19 is affecting society.
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In this series of faculty Q&As on the Alumni Education Gateway, experts from many of U-M’s schools, colleges, and units comment on how the coronavirus is affecting different segments of society.

Unequal Impact

H. Luke Shaefer, professor and faculty director of U-M’s Poverty Solutions initiative, discusses how the pandemic will affect hourly workers and families with low incomes.

The Virus and the Economy

Gabriel Ehrlich, director of the U-M’s Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics, discusses the economic impact of the coronavirus locally, nationally, and globally.

Working and Learning

Kelly Murdoch-Kitt, an assistant professor at the Stamps School of Art & Design, is a user experience designer and educator focused on people, systems, and interpersonal interactions. She discusses tactics for remote learning and working.

Caring for the Community

U-M’s School of Nursing assistant professor Sue Anne Bell shares her expertise on the impact that disasters have on communities.

Effects on Prisons

Nora Krinitsky, director for the U-M Carceral State Project and the Prison Creative Arts Project, shared her thoughts on COVID-19, the vulnerability of Michigan’s correctional system, and a potential outbreak behind bars.

The University’s Resources

While you are at home due to COVID-19, check out U-M’s online resources to keep learning.

For more insight on the coronavirus and other topics, visit the Alumni Education Gateway, which offers a variety of articles, podcasts, lectures, and papers created by the Leaders and Best.

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