A Google Recruiter’s Five Do’s and Don’ts

Here is Mary Kate McHugh’s, recruiter for Google, list of what to do and not to do when writing a resume.
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Google LogoAs the Midwest recruiter for Google for the last four years, Mary Kate McHugh has looked at countless resumes. In her role, she has been responsible for the hiring of thousands of entry-level employees at the tech company. Here is her list of what to do and not to do when writing a resume.

  1. A one-page resume. “I give each resume an initial 10-second glance before I pull it out or move on.”
  2. The format is important. “I want to see you are messaging your experience well.”
  3. Customize your resume to the job. “Right away I want to see your skills fit the job description.”
  4. Have a strong job objective. “I am looking for someone who will fit a specific role in the company so I want to see that focus.”
  5. Make sure you send the right resume and letter to the right job posting. “The second I see a resume with a cover letter meant for another company, I am done with that candidate.”

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